Spike Lee Movie Scripts

Spike Lee may be a one of the most distinguished writer-directors to hail from New York, but his distinct style of film making has earned him a reputation clear across the world.

Although his more memorable films tackle the trials and triumphs of modern-day African Americans, he still boasts a strong repertoire of movies that tackle everything from lighthearted comedy and edge of your seat suspense.

Check out a collection of Spike Lee’s movie scripts below:

1. Miracle at St. Anna Script (Dialogue Transcript) (2008)
2. Inside Man Script (2006)
3. She Hate Me Script (2004)
4. 25th Hour Script (2002)
5. Bamboozled Script (2000)
6. Summer of Sam Script (1999)
7. He Got Game Script Dialogue Transcript (1998)
8. Get on the Bus Script (1996)
9. Girl 6 Script (1996)
10. Clockers Script (1995)
11. Crooklyn Script (1994)
12. Malcolm X Script (1992)
14. Mo’ Better Blues (1990)
16. School Daze (1988)
18. Joe’s Bed-Study Barbershop: We Cut Heads (1983)

Ghostbusters Movie Scripts

With Dan Akroyd recently going on record that a third Ghostbusters movie is definitely in the works, the Hollywood rumor mills is in already churning out theories on who’s going to be part of the new proton pack wielding gang. And as insider information place Sigourney Weaver and Bill Murray back in the cast, things are looking up for a great comeback for the original ghost busting crew.

After twenty five years since the original movie, it seems like a great time to go back to the scripts that made this franchise one of the most memorable pop-culture milestones of the 1980s.

1. Ghostbusters Script (1989)
2. Ghostbusters 2 Script (1984)

Andrew Niccol Movie Scripts

Andrew Niccol may not have the most robust portfolio of films under his belt, but this New-Zealand born writer-director’s penchant for strangely surreal stories have earned him quite a following. Whether it’s near future science fiction, or sordidly unbelievable real world scenarios, you can be sure that Niccol will be taking audiences for a thought provoking thrill ride that isn’t too often seen on the Hollywood big screen.

With two upcoming feature length films The Cross and Now nearing their release on international shores, we can only expect big things from this veteran writer-director.

See a collection of his feature-length written work below:

1. Lord of War Script (2005)
2. The Terminal Script (Dialogue Transcript) (2004)
3. S1mone Script (2002)
4. The Truman Show Script (1998)
5. Gattaca Script (1997)

Top 5 Multiple Narrative Movie Scripts

Writing for one main character is hard enough, but what if you’re writing for three, five, or even more? Whether you’re inclined to call them multiple narratives, parallel narratives, multi plot or ensemble films, scripts with more than one prominent main character is a tough act to write.

Here are our top picks for movie scripts that do a superb job juggling characters, plots and story lines into one action packed movie:

1. Magnolia Script (1999)
2. Babel Script (2006)
3. Crash Script (2004)
4. Go Script (1997)
5. Snatch Script (2001)


Judd Apatow Movie Scripts

Judd Apatow is as recognized a writer-director as he is a producer. This versatile Hollywood laughsmith has managed to make his mark with his clever and witty sense of comedy.

Packing  just the right amount of heart into his punchlines, Judd Apatow has managed to bring his scripts to life with the comic timings of Hollywood comedians like Seth Rogen and Steve Carell.

Check out a collection of Judd Apatow’s script work in the links below:

1. Funny People Script (2009)
2. You Don’t Mess with the Zohan Script (Dialogue Transcript) (2008)
3. Walk Hard: The Dewey Cox Story (Dialogue Transcript) (2007)
4. Knocked Up Script (PDF Download) (2007)
5. Fun with Dick and Jane Script (Dialogue Transcript) (2005)
6. The 40 Year Old Virgin Script (2005)
7. Celtic Pride Script $ (For Purchase) (1996)
8. Heavy Weights Script $ (For Purchase) (1995)

Point Break vs. The Fast and the Furious Movie Scripts

Although the Fast and the Furious movie franchise was never widely recognized for its original plot lines, the first movie, The Fast and the Furious (2001) was largely compared to Point Break (1991). Both films followed the story of an undercover cop trying to break an illegal ring of thieves (be it cars, or banks). In the end, the cop’s growing bond with the wanted group of criminals has him choosing between his side or theirs.

Coincidence or copy-cat? Take a look for yourself in the links below:

1. Point Break Script (1991)
2. The Fast and the Furious Script $ (for Purchase, Middle of the Page) (2001)

Guy Ritchie Movie Scripts

Long before Sherlock Holmes (2009) got a heavy dose of the 21st century rammed into his veins, writer-director Guy Ritchie was already making waves with his fast-paced visual style and hard-cracking scripts. Breaking into the scene with his feature film debut Lock, Stock and Two Smoking Barrels (1998), Guy Ritchie was immediately recognized as one of the most original and innovative writer-directors of his generation.

With a sequel to his box-office smash Sherlock Holmes already in the pipeline, Guy Ritchie looks to be keeping to the director’s chair for quite sometime.

Check out a collection of Guy Ritchie’s written and directed screenplays listed below:

1. Sherlock Holmes (2009)
2. RocknRolla Script (2008)
3. Revolver (2005)
4. Swept Away Script (2002)
5. Snatch (2000)
6. Lock, Stock and Two Smoking Barrels Script (1998)

Top 5 Prison Movie Scripts

Prison is never a good place to find yourself in, unless you’re in a movie theater and looking for some of the best dramas Hollywood has ever had to over. Prison has always been a popular setting for some of cinema’s best movies, and has also been a great stage for actors to showcase their best work.

Find out which prison movie’s we won’t mind throwing us back into slammer for with the screenplays below:

2. Dead Man Walking Script (Dialogue Transcript) (1995)
4. Escape from Alcatraz Script $ (for Purchase) (1979)

William Broyles Jr. Movie Scripts

William Broyles Jr. may not be one of the most recognizable names in the movie industry, but his name has been attached to some of the most memorable films in the past two decades.

Having written for acclaimed directors such as Ron Howard, Sam Mendez and Clint Eastwood to name a few, Broyles has proven his versatility by penning everything from science fiction to historical drama.

Read through his impressive portfolio of scripts in the collection below:

1. Flags of Our Fathers Script $ (for Purchase) (2006)
2. Jarhead Script (Dialogue Transcript) (2005)
3. The Polar Express Script (2004)
4. Unfaithful Script (Dialogue Transcript) (2002)
5. Planet of the Apes Script (2001)
6. Cast Away Script (2000)
7. Entrapment Script (1999)
8. Apollo 13 Script (1995)

Truman Show vs. Ed TV Movie Scripts

With the reality television boom of the 1990s, it was only matter of time before Hollywood started churning out stories that tapped into our fascination with reality t.v. Ed TV (1999) and The  Truman Show (1998) were films that were largely compared because of their milieu, but had stories that veered into completely different directions.

See just have different how different their scripts were by going through the links below:

1. Ed TV Script (1999)
2. The Truman Show Script (1998)