M. Night Shymalan Movie Scripts

Although writer-director M. Night Shymalan took the film world by storm with his film The Sixth Sense (1999),  he has been criticized for not keeping his latter films up to par with his earlier works. However, M. Night Shymalan will always be recognized as one of the most original and unique storytellers of modern cinema.

Check out a collection of his feature length scripts below:

Top 5 Movie Comic Book Adaptations

Superheroes aren’t the only comic book properties that are squeezing their way into cinemas these days. Comics are turning into such hot properties that even lesser known franchises are catching Hollywood’s eye. See just how well Hollywood’s top comic properties have jumped from the comic panels to the big screen.

Check out our Top 5 Movie Comic Adaptations below:

1. The Watchmen Script (2009)
2. Scott Pilgrim vs. the World Script (PDF Download) (2010)
3. The Losers Script (PDF Download) (2010)
4. Red Script (Dialogue Transcript) (2010)
5. 300 Script (Dialogue Transcript) (2010)

Chronicles of Narnia Movie Scripts

The Chronicles of Narnia may not be as big a cash cow as its Twilight and Harry Potter counterparts, but the Narnia franchise has definitely been around longer with a much more diverse fan base. Because of this, Walden Media has been keen on making sure to keep the Narnia films coming for as long as there are books to be make them from.

Check out a collection of Chronicles of Narnia movie scripts below:

3. The Chronicles of Narnia: Voyage of the Dawn Treader (2010)

Links to 2011 Oscar Nominee Scripts

‘Tis Oscar season and for those of us looking for scripts on the internet it’s a bonanza.  The studios, in their quest for nominations and awards, made their candidates’ scripts available (and in PDF no less !)  This year’s list of screenplay  candidates (original and adapted) almost matches the Best Picture nominee list. The exceptions are Black Swan which did not get a screenplay nod and Another Year which didn’t make it on the best picture list.

Original Screenplay

Adapted Screenplay

Best Motion Picture of the Year

Top 5 Gambling Movies

Gambling has always been one of Hollywood’s favorite movie milieus. Whether it’s at the poker, blackjack or craps table, at the casino or amongst back-alley bet setters, nothing turns up the heat like a good old fashioned bluff.

Here are the scripts of our Top 5 Gambling Movies.

1. Casino Script (1995)
2. Rounders Script (Dialogue Transcript) (1998)
3. Maverick Script (Dialogue Transcript) (1994)
4. 21 Script (Dialogue Transcript) (2008)
5. The Cooler Script (2003)

David O. Russel Movie Scripts

It’s no surprise that writer-director David O. Russel is one of the hottest names in Hollywood right now.Nabbing back-to-back  nominations at this year’s Golden Globe and Academy Awards for his recently released The Fighter (2010) has gotten critics and audiences  captivated with his deft sense of storytelling and filmmaking.

Check out a compilation of his feature length works below:

1. The Fighter Script (2010)
2. I Heart Huckabees Script ($) (2004)
3. Three Kings Script (1999)
4. Flirting with Disaster Script (Dialogue Transcript) (1996)
5. Spanking the Monkey Script ($) (1994)

Bridget Jones Movie Scripts

With rumors of a third Bridget Jones film making rounds throughout the Hollywood circuit, the blockbuster British romantic comedy has a lot of it’s fans very excited.

Here’s a list of links to screenplays to the original movies in anticipation of a new installment to the franchise:

1. Bridget Jones’ Diary Script (2001)
2. Bridget Jones: The Edge of Reason Script (Dialogue Transcript) (2004)

The King’s Speech Script

The King’s Speech caught me by surprise. I went to see it expecting it to be about the abdication of King Edward VIII. Well, silly me… the story was much more interesting and provides a good vehicle for both Colin Firth and Geoffrey Rush.  However, I got the biggest kick out of the casting of Derek Jacobi as the Archbishop of Canterbury. The inside joke is his famous stuttering role in the BBC series I, Claudius.

The King’s Speech  Script (PDF) (2010)

Danny Boyle Movie Scripts

With Oscar season just around the corner, director Danny Boyle has earned himself another nod for his cinematic adaption of the true to life events of 127 Hours (2010). Though this may only be his second Academy Award nomination, taking home his first statue for Slumdog Millionaire (2008), the versatile veteran filmmaker has still a lot of story ahead of him.

Check out a complete collection of his feature-length scripts written especially for the big screen.

1. 127 Hours Script (2010)
2. Slumdog Millionaire Script (2008)
3. Sunshine Script (2007)
4. Millions Script (Dialogue Transcript) (2004)
5. 28 Days Later (2002)
6. The Beach script (2000)
7. A Life Less Ordinary script (1997)
8. Trainspotting script (1996)
9. Shallow Grave Script (Dialogue Transcript) (1994)

Cameron Crowe Movie Scripts

Although Cameron Crowe managed to steal our pants in Fast Times at Ridgemont High (1982) and our hearts in Say Anything (1989), it wouldn’t be until the release of Jerry Mcguire (1996) and Almost Famous(2000) that this maverick director would gain the loyal following that would cement him as one of the most inspiring directors of a generation.Check out this collection feature-film scripts, written and/or directed by Cameron Crowe himself:1. Elizabethtown Script (Dialogue Transcript) (2005)
2. Vanilla Sky Script (2001)
3. Almost Famous Script (2000)
4. Jerry Maguire Script (1996)
5. Singles Script (Dialogue Transcript) (1992)
6. Say Anything Script (1989)
7. The Wild Life Script (1984)
8. Fast Times at Ridgemont High Script (1982)