Kevin Smith Scripts

Recognized for his sharp dialogue and witty banter, Kevin Smith has garnered a following that has elevated his work far beyond cult-hit status. With his own brand of cheeky comedy and interesting characters, Smith has been touted as one of the funniest scriptwriters in Hollywood.

Although that may not hold true when it comes to worldwide box-office receipts, his small budget style of production has always made his unique style of filmmaking both entertaining and lucrative.

See below for a complete list of his feature-length screenwriting works:

1. Zack and Miri Make a Porno Script (Dialogue Transcript)(2008)
2. Clerks 2 Script $ (for Purchase) (2006)
3. Jersey Girl Script (Dialogue Transcript) (2004)
4. Jay & Silent Bob Strikes Back Script (2001)
5. Dogma Script (1999)
6. Chasing Amy Script (1997)
7. Mallrats Script $ (for Purchase) (1995)
8. Clerks Script (1994)

Alien Scripts

As one of science fiction’s most revered franchises, the Alien films have been the benchmark for science-fiction horror for over thirty years.

The Alien creature, brought to life by gothic, surreal artist H.G Giger, has continued to allure and haunt audiences with its nightmarishly iconic design. And with rumors of academy-award winning director Ridley Scott returning to take on a prequel to the series, Alien fans are looking forward to a potentially worthy addition to the horrific universe that began in 1979.

Browse through the completed collection of Alien scripts listed below:

1. Alien Script (1979)
2. Aliens Script (1986)
3. Alien 3 Script (1992)
4. Alien Resurrection Script (1997)

Wes Anderson Scripts

As a director, Wes Anderson has undoubtedly one of the most recognizable visual styles in cinema. His conscious use of bold primary colors and symmetric composition give his films a unique aesthetic that thread through his entire body of work.

As a scriptwriter, however, Anderson’s unique voice reveals his knack for dry, deadpan humor and his love for curiously eccentric characters. Whether you rue his lack of versatility, or praise his fine sense of individuality, its unmistakable that Anderson’s style is completely his own.

See below for a compiled collection of Wes Anderson’s feature length screenplays:

2. The Darjeeling Limited Script (PDF Download) (2007)
3. The Life Aquatic with Steve Zissou Script (Dialogue Transcript)  (2004)
4. The Royal Tenenbaums Script (PDF Download) (2001)
5. Rushmore Script (1998)

Paul Thomas Anderson Scripts

Even with only five feature length films to his writer / director credit, Paul Thomas Anderson (better known as PTA in professional circles) has already been credited as one of the most important filmmakers working today.

His academy-award nominated film There Will Be Blood (2007) has been praised by critics as one of the best films of the past decade. His powerful sense of character and masterful use of emotion on the written page is brought to even fuller effect when translated to the big screen.

Browse through the complete collection of Paul T. Anderson’s scripts below:

1. There Will Be Blood Script (2007) (PDF Download)
3. Magnolia Script (1999)
5. Hard Eight Script (1996) (Dialogue Transcript)

Twilight Saga Scripts: Twilight, New Moon, Eclipse

With the latest installment of Stephen Meyer’s multi-million dollar vampire franchise breaking box-office records, it looks like the Twilight Saga has more than taken a bite out of moviegoers the world over.

Love it or hate it, the Twilight Saga has its loyal fanbase of “Twihards” looking to sink its teeth into anything related to Edward, Bella and Jacob.  And with the franchise finale rumored to be in two parts, bloodthirsty fans are looking forward to having their thirst finally quenched.

Check out the adaptations of this vampiric love story with the full scripts listed below.

Twilight Script

New Moon Script

Eclipse Script (PDF Download)

Clint Eastwood Scripts (Actor)

From the boxing ring to the wild west, Clint Eastwood has taken us through countless characters with his remarkable skill and passion for acting.

Though his recent works as a director has allowed him to shine from behind the camera, Clint Eastwood will always be remembered for his contribution in front of it.

Retrace the career of this outstanding actor with a complete list of scripts of Clint Eastwood’s credited acting filmography.

1. Gran Torino Script (2008)
2. Million Dollar Baby Script (2004)
3. Blood Work Script (2002)
4. Space Cowboys Script (2000)
5. True Crime Script (1999)
6. Absolute Power Script (Dialogue Transcript) (1997)
7. The Bridges of Madison County Script (1995)
8. A Perfect World Script (1993)
9. In the Line of Fire Script (Requires Log-In Username and Password) (1993)
10. Unforgiven Script (1992)
11. The Rookie (Dialogue Transcript) (1990)
12. White Hunter Black Heart Script (Dialogue Transcript) (1990)
13. Pink Cadillac Script (Dialogue Transcript) (1989)
14. The Dead Pool Script (Dialogue Transcript) (1988)
15. Heartbreak Ridge Script (Dialogue Transcript) (1986)
16. Pale Rider Script (Dialogue Transcript) (1985)
17. City Heat Script (1984)
18. Tightrope Script (1984)
19. Sudden Impact Script (1983)
20. Honkytonk Man Script (Dialogue Transcript) (1982)
21. Firefox Script (Dialogue Transcript) (1982)
22. Any Which Way You Can Script (1980)
23. Bronco Billy Script ($) for Purchase (1980)
24. Escape from Alcatraz Script ($) for Purchase (1979)
25. Every Which Way But Loose Script (1978)
26. The Gauntlet Script (Dialogue Transcript) (1977)
27. The Enforcer Script (Dialogue Transcript) (1976)
28. The Outlaw Josey Wales Script (PDF Download) (1976)
29. The Eiger Sanction Script (Dialogue Transcript) (1975)
30. Thunderbolt and Lightfoot Script (Dialogue Transcript) (1974
31. Magnum Force Script (Dialogue Transcript) (1973)
32. High Plains Drifter Script (Dialogue Transcript) (1973)
33. Joe Kidd Script (1972)
34. Dirty Harry Script ($) for Purchase (1971)
35. Play Misty for Me Script (1971)
36. The Beguiled Script ($) for Purchase (1971)
37. Kelly’s Heroes Script (Dialogue Transcript) (1970)
38. Two Mules for Sister Sara Script (Dialogue Transcript) (1970)
39. Paint Your Wagon Script (Dialogue Transcript) (1969)
40. Where Eagles Dare Script (1968)
41. Coogan’s Bluff Script (1968)
42. Hang ‘Em High Script (1968)
43. The Witches Script (1967)
44. The Good, the Bad and the Ugly Script (Dialogue Transcript) (1966)
45. For a Few Dollars More Script (Dialogue Tanscript) (1965)
46. A Fistful of Dollars Script (1964)
47. Ambush at Cimarron Pass Script (1958)
48. Lafayette Escadrille Script (1958)
49. The First Traveling Saleslady Script (1956)
50. Francis in the Navy Script (1955)

Clint Eastwood Scripts (Director)

As one of cinema’s own living legends, Clint Eastwood has made himself known as both a talented actor and skilled director.

With more than half a century’s worth of experience to his name, Eastwood continues to be one of the most prolific and dynamic directors in Hollywood.

His wide range works is a testament to his versatility and passion for storytelling.

Below is a complete list of scripts and screenplays to Clint Eastwood’s directorial works.

1. Invictus Script (PDF Download) (2009)
7. Mystic River Script (PDF Download) (2003)
10. True Crime Script (1999)
11. Midnight in the Garden of Good and Evil Script (Dialogue Transcript) (1997)
12. Absolute Power Script (Dialogue Transcript) (1997)
14. A Perfect World Script (1993)
15. Unforgiven Script (1992)
16. The Rookie Script (Dialogue Transcript) (1990)
17. White Hunter Black Heart Script (Dialogue Transcript) (1990)
18. Bird Script (1988)
19. Heartbreak Ridge Script (Dialogue Transcript) (1986)
20. Pale Rider Script (Dialogue Transcript) (1985)
21. Sudden Impact Script (1983)
22. Honkytonk Man Script (Dialogue Transcript) (1982)
23. Firefox Script (Dialogue Transcript) (1982)
24. Bronco Billy Script ($) for Purchase (1980)
25. The Gauntlet Script (Dialogue Transcript) (1977)
26. The Outlaw Josey Wales Script (PDF Download) (1976)
27. The Eiger Sanction Script (Dialogue Transcript) (1975)
28. Breezy Script (1973)
29. High Plains Drifter Script (Dialogue Transcript) (1973)
30. Play Misty for Me Script (Dialogue Transcript) (1971)

Back to the Future Scripts (Happy 25th Anniversary Back to the Future)

On July 3rd, 1985, Robert Zemeckis’ Back to the Future hit theatres, introducing an entire generation of audiences to Marty Mcfly, Doc and their beloved Delorean.

As Scripts on Screen celebrates the 25th Anniversary of this classic time-travelling franchise, we’ve posted the complete collection of scripts to all three of the original movies.

Back to the Future Script

Back to the Future 2 Script

Back to the Future 3 Script

Quentin Tarantino Scripts

Quentin Tarantino is undoubtedly one of modern cinema’s  living legends.  Bursting into the scene with the critically acclaimed debut Reservoir Dogs, Tarantino would later solidify his influence in cinema with his directorial follow, Pulp Fiction. His strong sense  for sharp dialogue, graphic violence, and alternative narrative structures have always begun on the page, proving that he is as spirited screenwriter as he is a director.

Listed below are a collection of Tarantino’s penned screenplays.

Reservoir Dogs Script

True Romance Script

Pulp Fiction Script

Natural Born Killers Script

Four Rooms Script

From Dusk Till Dawn Script

Jackie Brown Script

Kill Bill Vol. 1 and 2 Scripts

Grindhouse / Death Proof Script ($)

Inglourious Basterds Script

Nicholas Sparks Script Adaptations

With over fifteen published novels to his name, Nicholas Sparks is considered to be one of the most successful modern romance novelists of our time. His books have since translated their  successes unto the big screen through six film adaptations, with two more already in the works.

Check below for a list of Hollywood adaptations to his bestselling novels.

Message in a Bottle Script (Dialogue Transcript)
Nights in Rodanthe Script (Dialogue Transcript)
Dear John Script (PDF Download)