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Wisconsin/Warner Bros. Screenplays series

The index now includes the Wisconsin/Warner Bros. Screenplays series published by University of Wisconsin Press.  These are 21 books of
Vincenzo Natali Website

Vincenzo Natatali’s Archive

I just came across Vincenzo Natali's new website launched late last year. It is a remarkable collection of production materials.

David Koepp Scripts

Born and raised in Wisconsin, he obtained his bachelor’s in film in the UCLA. After some minor hits (Bad Influence,
Springfield! Springfield! Logo

What Happened to Springfield! Springfield! Transcript Site?

As many of you know movie script resources often appear and disappear. A few years ago MyPDFScripts ceased to exist

Unusual Literary Adaptations in Films

We are all used to seeing bestsellers consistently adapted to the big screen, and the line ‘I wish they made

Mission: Impossible Scripts

Once an acclaimed CBS TV series, a quarter of a century would have to pass for Mission: Impossible to have