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Script-O-Rama Infected

The Script-O-Rama site is infected with all links redirecting to different weird sites - " googlegllupdstat dot com" and "chenzyconsulting

Oscars 2022 Screenplay Nominees

The Academy Award screenplay nominees for 2022 are ORIGINAL SCREENPLAY Belfast, written by Kenneth Branagh Don’t Look Up, Screenplay by Adam

2022 Writers Guild Awards Screenplay Nominees

The WGA SCREENPLAY NOMINEES for 2020 are ORIGINAL SCREENPLAY Being the Ricardos, Written by Aaron Sorkin; Don’t Look Up, Screenplay by Adam

Alfonso Cuarón Movie Scripts

Alfonso studied film in the UNAM in Mexico. It was there where he met Emmanuel Lubezki, arguably one of the
Script O Rama

Script-O-Rama Down?

(UPDATE 11/29/20: the site is back up again !!) The Script-O-Rama site has been down for the last few days.

Oliver Stone’s “Snowden” Script – Free today

The Kindle version of the script is free today! Grab it while it still free.

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