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Christopher Nolan Screenplays

Despite having fewer feature length screenplays under his belt than other renowned Hollywood directors, Christopher Nolan has already written himself

Shrek Scripts

No script available yet for Shrek Forever After but here are the scripts for the first three films Shrek Script

Stephen King Movie Scripts

These are movies based on Stephen King's works. I've attempted to find all those available for free online. In the

Top Ten Box Office Scripts

2009 - Avatar script 1997 - Titanic script 2008 - The Dark Knight script 1977 - Star Wars script 2004

A Nightmare on Elm Street

This week's top box office film is  A Nightmare on Elm Street.  It is a remake of  Wes Craven's film

Alice in Wonderland Script

As a big fans of both Lewis Carroll and Tim Burton, The new Alice in Wonderland was a must see.

Death at a Funeral Script

The recent US Release of Death at a Funeral is a Chris Rock remake of a 2007 film of the

Avatar and Pocahontas Scripts

The scripting of Avatar started in 1994 when James Cameron wrote a 80 page draft script for the movie. He

Crazy Heart Script – Missed Oportunity

We like the choice of Jeff Bridges as Best Actor, however the film story was weak. Our biggest beef is

Links to 2010 Oscar Scripts

WRITING (ADAPTED SCREENPLAY) The Winner: “Precious” Screenplay by Geoffrey Fletcher Nominated: “District 9”  Screenplay by Neill Blomkamp and Terri Tatchell

Woody Allen Scripts

Let me know if you find any other links to scripts or transcripts: What's New Pussycat? What's Up, Tiger Lily?

Academy Awards for Best Original Screenplay

1940 The Great McGinty Preston Sturges 1941 Citizen Kane Herman Mankiewicz, Orson Welles 1942 Woman of the Year Michael Kanin,