Jerry Lewis Scripts

Some think he is annoying while others think he is genius. No matter what people think about him, Jerry Lewis has always been a prominent figure in the limelight, with his outlandish physical comedy and overdramatic acting style. Lewis has had a consistent history in film; starting with his first major film in 1949 to his most recent movie this year. As an actor, Lewis was able to recreate himself so his comedy style would be fresh for new audiences. It is no wonder why he is called the King of Comedy.

As a director, Lewis also broke fresh ground in the use of new technology such as the video-assist device which is commonly used by many directors today. He is considered the master of the one-take, meaning that he would only shoot a scene once, while other directors would take a few takes to ensure that the best picture was made.

In addition to his directorial and acting prowess, Lewis also has dabbled successfully in other areas such as songwriting, book writing and singing. In all areas, Lewis maintained a strong audience and was able to build up quite a large following over the years. Any film director or actor would benefit from watching one of Jerry Lewis’ many films.





The Day The Clown Cried Script [Unmade]

Max Rose Script (pre-production)

(2009) Curious George 2: Follow that Monkey Script

(1995) Funny Bones Script [Transcript]

(1993)  Arizona Dream Script [Transcript]

(1992) Mr. Saturday Night

(1989) Cookie

(1984)How Did You Get In? We Didn’t See You Leave. [Foreign]

(1984) To Catch A Cop

(1983) Cracking Up

(1982) The King of Comedy Script

(1982) Slapstick of Another Kind

(1980) Hardly Working

(1970) Which Way to the Front?

(1969) Hook, Line and Sinker

(1968) Don’t Raise the Bridge, Lower the River

(1967) The Big Mouth

(1966) Way… Way Out Script

(1966) Three On a Couch

(1965) Boeing Boeing Script [Play Version]

(1965) The Family Jewels

(1964) The Disorderly Orderly

(1964) The Patsy

(1963) Who’s Minding the Store?

(1963) The Nutty Professor Script

(1962) It’$ Only Money

(1961) The Errand Boy

(1961) The Ladies’ Man

(1960) Cinderfella

(1960) The Bellboy

(1960) Visit to a Small Planet Script [Purchase]

(1959) Don’t Give Up the Ship

(1958) The Geisha Boy

(1958) Rock-a-bye Baby

(1957) The Sad Sack Script [Purchase]

(1957) The Delicate Delinquent

(1956) Hollywood or Bust

(1956) Pardners

(1955) Artists and Models

(1955) You’re Never Too Young

(1954) 3 Ring Circus

(1954) Livin’ it Up

(1953) Money From Home

(1953) The Caddy

(1953) Scared Stiff Script [For Purchase]

(1952) The Stooge

(1952) Jumping Jacks

(1952) Sailor Beware

(1951) That’s My Boy

(1950) At War with the Army

(1950) My Friend Irma Goes West

(1949) My Friend Irma