Kevin James Scripts

Kevin James, best known for his leading role as Paul Blart in Paul Blart: Mall Cop (2009) has recently seen a shocking jump in his career. Since the beginning of his film career he has been in about 2 movies a year on average. However, this year he has been in 3 movies with two more on the way in 2013!
While his career is rooted in comedy, the diversifying roles that he has chosen have begun to vary- starting with his newest role as a high school teacher who tries to fight for his students (literally) in Here Comes the Boom (2012). Depending on this movie’s success, James may become popular enough to be considered one of the A-list comedic celebrities (if not already considered one). Time will tell on this one.


  1. (2013) Valet Guys
  2. (2013) Grown Ups 2
  3. (2012) Little Boy
  4. (2012) Here Comes the Boom
  5. (2012) Hotel Transylvania
  6. (2011) Zookeeper
  7. (2011) The Dilemma
  8. (2010) Grown Ups
  9. (2009) Paul Blart: Mall Cop [Transcript]
  10. (2008) You Don’t Mess with the Zohan [Transcript]
  11. (2007) I Now Pronounce You Chuck & Larry [Transcript]
  12. (2006) Barnyard
  13. (2006) Grilled
  14. (2006) Monster House
  15. (2005) Hitch [Transcript]
  16. (2004) 50 First Dates [Transcript]
  17. (2002) Pinocchio