State Of The Union Script

State Of The Union poster thumbnail
Director:Frank Capra
Written by:Howard Lindsay (Theatre Play), Russel Crouse (Theatre Play), Anthony Veiller (Screenplay), Myles Connolly (Screenplay)

Script Synopsis:An industrialist is urged to run for President, but this requires uncomfortable compromises on both political and marital levels.

The Stranger Script

The Stranger poster thumbnail
Director:Orson Welles
Written by:Anthony Veiller (Screenplay), Victor Trivas (Original Story), Gladys Hill (Dialogue)

Script Synopsis:A man working for the War Crimes Commission suspects that an important Nazi official has folded himself into a quaint Connecticut town.

Stage Door

Stage Door poster thumbnail
Director:Gregory La Cava
Written by:Morrie Ryskind (Screenplay), Anthony Veiller (Screenplay)

Script Synopsis:The ups and downs in the lives and careers of a group of ambitious young actresses and show girls from disparate backgrounds brought together in a theatrical hostel. Centres particularly on the conflict and growing friendship between Terry Randall, a rich girl confident in her talent and ability to make it to the top on the stage, and Jean Maitland, a world weary and cynical trouper who has taken the hard knocks of the ruthless and over-populated world of the Broadway apprentice.