Poltergeist III Script

Poltergeist III poster thumbnail
Director:Gary Sherman
Written by:Gary Sherman (Screenplay), Brian Taggert (Screenplay)

Script Synopsis:Carol Anne has been sent to live with her Aunt and Uncle in an effort to hide her from the clutches of the ghostly Reverend Kane, but he tracks her down and terrorises her in her relatives' appartment in a tall glass building. Will he finally achieve his target and capture Carol Anne again, or will Tangina be able, yet again, to thwart him?

Visiting Hours Script

Visiting Hours poster thumbnail
Director:Jean-Claude Lord
Written by:Brian Taggert (Screenplay)

Script Synopsis:A slasher finds the hospital where a TV newswoman is recovering from his attack.

Wanted: Dead Or Alive Script

Wanted: Dead Or Alive poster thumbnail
Director:Gary Sherman
Written by:Michael Patrick Goodman (Writer), Gary Sherman (Writer), Brian Taggert (Writer)

Script Synopsis:Nick Randall is a Los Angeles-based bounty hunter and an ex-CIA operative who is asked by a former co-worker to help track down terrorist Malak Al Rahim. However, Malak Al Rahim is also looking for Randall, and Randall's employers tell him where to find him. This results in the death of his best friend, Sgt. Danny Quintz, and his girlfriend, Terry, eventually forcing a showdown on the waterfront.