Picnic at Hanging Rock Script

Picnic at Hanging Rock poster thumbnail
Director:Peter Weir
Written by:Joan Lindsay (Author), Clifford Green (Screenplay)

Script Synopsis:In the early 1900s, Miranda attends a girls boarding school in Australia. One Valentine's Day, the school's typically strict headmistress treats the girls to a picnic field trip to an unusual but scenic volcanic formation called Hanging Rock. Despite rules against it, Miranda and several other girls venture off. It's not until the end of the day that the faculty realizes the girls and one of the teachers have disappeared mysteriously.

Baby: Secret Of The Lost Legend Script

Baby: Secret Of The Lost Legend poster thumbnail
Director:Bill L. Norton
Written by:Clifford Green (Screenplay), Ellen Greene (Screenplay)

Script Synopsis:Paleontologist and her husband discover a mother and baby brontosaurus in Africa, try to protect them from hunters who want to capture them.

The Seventh Sign Script

The Seventh Sign poster thumbnail
Director:Carl Schultz
Written by:Clifford Green (Screenplay), Ellen Greene (Author)

Script Synopsis:Abby is a pregnant woman with a curious new boarder in the apartment over her garage. Turns out he's heaven-sent and is speeding along the Apocalypse by bloodying rivers, egging on plagues and following scripture word for word.

Bless The Child Script

Bless The Child poster thumbnail
Director:Chuck Russell
Written by:Clifford Green (Screenplay), Cathy Cash Spellman (Novel)

Script Synopsis:When Maggie's sister Jenna saddles her with an autistic newborn named Cody she touches Maggie's heart and becomes the daughter she has always longed for. But six years later Jenna suddenly re-enters her life and, with her mysterious new husband, Eric Stark, abducts Cody. Despite the fact that Maggie has no legal rights to Cody, FBI agent John Travis takes up her cause when he realizes that Cody shares the same birth date as several other recently murdered children.

Three Wishes

Three Wishes poster thumbnail
Director:Martha Coolidge
Written by:Clifford Green (Story), Ellen Greene (Story), Elizabeth Anderson (Screenplay)

Script Synopsis:While Jane Holman is driving with her two sons, she accidentally runs into a drifter, Jack McCloud, who breaks his leg. Being responsible, Jane invites Jack, and his dog, to stay at her home until his leg has healed. Jack struggles to adapt their lifestyle, and finds himself loved by the family.