Lover Come Back Script

Lover Come Back poster thumbnail
Director:Delbert Mann
Written by:Stanley Shapiro (Screenplay), Paul Henning (Screenplay)

Script Synopsis:Jerry Webster and Carol Templeton are rival Madison Avenue advertising executives who each dislike each other’s methods. After he steals a client out from under her cute little nose, revenge prompts her to infiltrate his secret "VIP" campaign in order to persuade the mystery product’s scientist to switch to her firm.

The Bachelor Party Script

The Bachelor Party poster thumbnail
Director:Delbert Mann
Written by:Paddy Chayefsky (Screenplay), Paddy Chayefsky (Story)

Script Synopsis:Five office friends meet up for a night on the town to celebrate the forthcoming marriage of one of them. As the night wears on and the drink starts to tell, they become more confidential in expressing their concerns and hopes.

Dark At The Top Of The Stairs Script

Dark At The Top Of The Stairs poster thumbnail
Director:Delbert Mann

Script Synopsis:Robert Preston plays the flip side of his eternally ebullient Professor Harold Hill in Dark at the Top of the Stairs. Preston portrays an early 20th-century harness salesman, fully aware that his product is rapidly becoming obsolete. He tries to compensate for his own lack of self-esteem by cheating on his patient wife Dorothy McGuire; Preston's "other woman" is played by Angela Lansbury. Meanwhile, daughter Shirley Knight falls in love with Jewish boy Lee Kinsolving, who kills himself in the face of relentless bigotry.

That Touch of Mink Script

That Touch of Mink poster thumbnail
Director:Delbert Mann
Written by:Stanley Shapiro (Screenplay), Nate Monaster (Screenplay)

Script Synopsis:A rich businessman and a young woman are attracted to each other, but he only wants an affair while she wants to save her virginity for marriage.

Night Crossing Script

Night Crossing poster thumbnail
Director:Delbert Mann
Written by:John McGreevey (Writer)

Script Synopsis:Two men want to escape from East Germany (under Communist rule) but they will only go if they can take their families with them. Based on a true story.


Marty poster thumbnail
Director:Delbert Mann
Written by:Paddy Chayefsky (Screenplay)

Script Synopsis:Marty, a butcher who lives in the Bronx with his mother is unmarried at 34. Good-natured but socially awkward he faces constant badgering from family and friends to get married but has reluctantly resigned himself to bachelorhood. Marty meets Clara, an unattractive school teacher, realising their emotional connection, he promises to call but family and friends try to convince him not to.