Easy Rider Script

Director:Dennis Hopper
Written by:Dennis Hopper (Screenplay), Peter Fonda (Screenplay), Terry Southern (Screenplay)

Script Synopsis:Easy Rider is the classic cult film from the 1960s. A road movie that embodies the feeling of being a hippie as two friends head cross-country to Mardi Gras. A controversial period film by Dennis Hopper and Peter Fonda with some classic music from a generation of wanderers.

Colors Script

Director:Dennis Hopper
Written by:Michael Schiffer (Screenplay)

Script Synopsis:A confident young cop is shown the ropes by a veteran partner in the dangerous gang-controlled barrios of Los Angeles, where the gang culture is enforced by the colors the members wear.

Hot Spot Script

Director:Dennis Hopper
Written by:Nona Tyson (Screenplay), Charles Williams (Screenplay), Charles Williams (Novel)

Script Synopsis:A loner moves in to a small Texas town, finds himself a job, and sets about plotting to rob the local bank.

Chasers Script

Director:Dennis Hopper
Written by:Joe Batteer (Story), John Rice (Story), Joe Batteer (Screenplay), John Rice (Screenplay), Dan Gilroy (Screenplay)

Script Synopsis:Military men Rock Reilly (Tom Berenger) and Eddie Devane (William McNamara) are tasked with taking a prisoner, blonde bombshell Toni Johnson (Erika Eleniak), on what becomes an unforgettable road trip. Toni, an enlistee who's in trouble for deserting her unit, soon proves that she's craftier than most inmates. She tries to escape via a restroom, a theme-park ride and a convertible. But, when Rock and Eddie find they're impressed by Toni's pluck, the nature of their task changes.