This Land Is Mine Script

This Land Is Mine poster thumbnail
Director:Jean Renoir
Written by:Jean Renoir (Screenplay), Dudley Nichols (Screenplay), Leo Bulgakov (Dialogue)

Script Synopsis:Somewhere in Europe, in a city occupied by the Nazis, a gentle school teacher finds himself torn between collaboration and resistance, cowardice and courage.

And Then There Were None Script

And Then There Were None poster thumbnail
Director:René Clair
Written by:Agatha Christie (Novel), Dudley Nichols (Screenplay)

Script Synopsis:Ten strangers are summoned to a remote island and while they are waiting for the mysterious host to appear, a recording levels serious accusations at each of the guests. Soon they start being murdered, one by one. As the survivors try to keep their wits, they reach a disturbing conclusion: one of them must be the killer.

Air Force Script

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Director:Howard Hawks
Written by:Dudley Nichols (Screenplay)

Script Synopsis:The crew of an Air Force bomber arrives in Pearl Harbor in the aftermath of the Japanese attack and is sent on to Manila to help with the defense of the Philippines.

Pinky Script

Pinky poster thumbnail
Director:Elia Kazan
Written by:Cid Ricketts Sumner (Novel), Philip Dunne (Screenplay), Dudley Nichols (Screenplay)

Script Synopsis:Pinky, a light skinned black woman, returns to her grandmother's house in the South after graduating from a Northern nursing school. Pinky tells her grandmother that she has been "passing" for white while at school in the North. In addition, Pinky has fallen in love with a young white doctor, Dr. Thomas Adams, who knows nothing about her black heritage.

The Informer Script

The Informer poster thumbnail
Director:John Ford
Written by:Liam O'Flaherty (Story), Dudley Nichols (Screenplay)

Script Synopsis:Gypo Nolan is a former Irish Republican Army man who drowns his sorrows in the bottle. He's desperate to escape his bleak Dublin life and start over in America with his girlfriend. So when British authorities advertise a reward for information about his best friend, current IRA member Frankie, Gypo cooperates. Now Gypo can buy two tickets on a boat bound for the States, but can he escape the overwhelming guilt he feels for betraying his buddy?

Bringing Up Baby Script

Bringing Up Baby poster thumbnail
Director:Howard Hawks
Written by:Dudley Nichols (Screenplay), Hagar Wilde (Screenplay)

Script Synopsis:David Huxley is waiting to get a bone he needs for his museum collection. Through a series of strange circumstances, he meets Susan Vance, and the duo have a series of misadventures which include a leopard called Baby.

For Whom The Bell Tolls Script

For Whom The Bell Tolls poster thumbnail
Director:Sam Wood
Written by:Ernest Hemingway (Novel), Dudley Nichols (Screenplay)

Script Synopsis:Spain in the 1930s is the place to be for a man of action like Robert Jordan. There is a civil war going on and Jordan—who has joined up on the side that appeals most to idealists of that era—has been given a high-risk assignment up in the mountains. He awaits the right time to blow up a crucial bridge in order to halt the enemy's progress

It Happened Tomorrow Script

It Happened Tomorrow poster thumbnail
Director:René Clair
Written by:Lord Dunsany (Theatre Play), Howard Snyder (Novel), Lewis R. Foster (Idea), Dudley Nichols (Adaptation), Dudley Nichols (Screenplay), René Clair (Adaptation), René Clair (Screenplay), Helene Fraenkel (Dialogue)

Script Synopsis:A young turn-of-the-century newspaper man finds he can get hold of the next day's paper. This brings more problems than fortune, especially as his new girlfriend is part of a phony clairvoyant act.

The Big Sky

The Big Sky poster thumbnail
Director:Howard Hawks
Written by:A.B. Guthrie Jr. (Novel), Dudley Nichols (Screenplay), Ray Buffum (Adaptation), DeVallon Scott (Adaptation)

Script Synopsis:Kirk Douglas stars as the determined leader of a band of Tennessee fur trappers who set out to explore the uncharted Missouri river in 1830 and find them selves battling American Indians.


Stagecoach poster thumbnail
Director:John Ford
Written by:Dudley Nichols (Screenplay), Ernest Haycox (Story)

Script Synopsis:A group of people traveling on a stagecoach find their journey complicated by the threat of Geronimo, and learn something about each other in the process.