The Animal Kingdom Script

The Animal Kingdom poster thumbnail
Director:George Cukor, Edward H. Griffith
Written by:Philip Barry (Theatre Play), Adela Rogers St. Johns (Writer), Edward H. Griffith (Writer), Horace Jackson (Screenplay)

Script Synopsis:Tom Collier has had a great relationship with Daisy, but when he decides to marry, it is not Daisy whom he asks, it is Cecelia. After the marriage, Tom is bored with the social scene and the obligations of his life. He publishes books that will sell, not books that he wants to write. Even worse, he has his old friend working as a butler and Cecelia wants him fired. When Tom tries to get back together with Daisy to renew the feelings that he once felt, Daisy turns the tables on him and leaves to protect both of them.

Café Metropole Script

Café Metropole poster thumbnail
Director:Edward H. Griffith
Written by:Jacques Deval (Screenplay)

Script Synopsis:An American posing as a Russian prince woos a visiting Ohio heiress.

The Sky’s the Limit Script

The Sky's the Limit poster thumbnail
Director:Edward H. Griffith
Written by:Frank Fenton (Screenplay), Lynn Root (Screenplay)

Script Synopsis:Flying Tiger Fred Atwell sneaks away from his famous squadron's personal appearance tour and goes incognito for several days of leave. He quickly falls for photographer Joan Manion, pursuing her in the guise of a carefree drifter.