Here Comes the Boom Script

Here Comes the Boom poster thumbnail
Director:Frank Coraci
Written by:Kevin James (Writer), Allan Loeb (Writer)

Script Synopsis:A high school biology teacher moonlights as a mixed-martial arts fighter in an effort to raise money to save the school's music program.

Click Script

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Director:Frank Coraci
Written by:Steve Koren (Author), Mark O'Keefe (Author)

Script Synopsis:A harried workaholic, Michael Newman doesn't have time for his wife and children, not if he's to impress his ungrateful boss and earn a well-deserved promotion. So when he meets Morty, a loopy sales clerk, he gets the answer to his prayers: a magical remote that allows him to bypass life's little distractions with increasingly hysterical results.

The Waterboy Script

The Waterboy poster thumbnail
Director:Frank Coraci
Written by:Adam Sandler (Screenplay), Tim Herlihy (Screenplay)

Script Synopsis:Bobby Boucher is a water boy for a struggling college football team. The coach discovers Boucher's hidden rage makes him a tackling machine whose bone-crushing power might vault his team into the playoffs.

The Wedding Singer

The Wedding Singer poster thumbnail
Director:Frank Coraci
Written by:Tim Herlihy (Screenplay)

Script Synopsis:Robbie, a local rock star turned wedding singer, is dumped on the day of his wedding. Meanwhile, waitress Julia finally sets a wedding date with her fiancée Glenn. When Julia and Robbie meet and hit it off, they find that things are more complicated than anybody thought.


Zookeeper poster thumbnail
Director:Frank Coraci
Written by:Nick Bakay (Screenplay), Kevin James (Screenplay)

Script Synopsis:Kindhearted Griffin Keyes is one of the best-loved caretakers at the Franklin Park Zoo, but since he is more comfortable with the animals than with females of his own species, his love life is lacking. When Griffin decides that the only way to get a girlfriend is to find a more-glamorous career, the animals panic. To keep him from leaving, they reveal their secret ability to talk and offer to teach him the rules of courtship, animal-style.