Arachnophobia Script

Arachnophobia poster thumbnail
Director:Frank Marshall
Written by:Don Jakoby (Screenplay), Wesley Strick (Screenplay)

Script Synopsis:A large spider from the jungles of South America is accidentally transported in a crate with a dead body to America where it mates with a local spider. Soon after, the residents of a small California town disappear as the result of spider bites from the deadly spider offspring. It's up to a couple of doctors with the help of an insect exterminator to annihilate these eight legged freaks.

Alive Script

Alive poster thumbnail
Director:Frank Marshall
Written by:Piers Paul Read (Novel), John Patrick Shanley (Screenplay)

Script Synopsis:The amazing, true story of a Uruguayan rugby team's plane that crashed in the middle of the Andes mountains, and their immense will to survive and pull through alive, forced to do anything and everything they could to stay alive on meager rations and through the freezing cold.

Congo Script

Congo poster thumbnail
Director:Frank Marshall
Written by:Michael Crichton (Author), John Patrick Shanley (Screenplay)

Script Synopsis:Eight people embark on an expedition into the Congo, a mysterious expanse of unexplored Africa where human greed and the laws of nature have gone berserk. When the thrill-seekers -- some with ulterior motives -- stumble across a race of killer apes.