Freejack Script

Freejack poster thumbnail
Director:Geoff Murphy
Written by:Robert Sheckley (Novel), Steven Pressfield (Screenplay), Ronald Shusett (Screenplay), Dan Gilroy (Screenplay)

Script Synopsis:Time-traveling bounty hunters find a doomed race-car driver in the past and bring him to 2009 New York, where his mind will be replaced with that of a terminally ill billionaire.

Young Guns 2 Script

Young Guns 2 poster thumbnail
Director:Geoff Murphy
Written by:John Fusco (Screenplay)

Script Synopsis:Three of the original five "young guns" — Billy the Kid (Emilio Estevez), Jose Chavez y Chavez (Lou Diamond Phillips), and Doc Scurlock (Kiefer Sutherland) — return in Young Guns, Part 2, which is the story of Billy the Kid and his race to safety in Old Mexico while being trailed by a group of government agents led by Pat Garrett.

Under Siege II: Dark Territory Script

Under Siege II: Dark Territory poster thumbnail
Director:Geoff Murphy
Written by:J. F. Lawton (Characters), Richard Hatem (Screenplay), Matt Reeves (Screenplay)

Script Synopsis:A passenger train has been hijacked by an electronics expert and turned into an untraceable command center for a weapons satellite. He has planned to blow up Washington DC and only one man can stop him, former Navy SEAL Casey Ryback.