Vigilante Force Script

Director:George Armitage
Written by:George Armitage (Screenplay)

Script Synopsis:Vigilante Force is a 1976 American action film concerning a Vietnam War veteran (Kris Kristofferson) and his buddies, who are hired by his brother (Jan-Michael Vincent) and others in a small California town for protection from rowdy oil-field workers.

The Big Bounce Script

Director:George Armitage
Written by:Elmore Leonard (Novel), Sebastian Gutierrez (Screenplay)

Script Synopsis:A small-time con artist and a Hawaiian real estate developer's mischievous, enterprising mistress team up for a potential $200,000 score.

Miami Blues Script

Director:George Armitage
Written by:Charles Willeford (Novel), George Armitage (Screenplay)

Script Synopsis:When Fred gets out of prison, he decides to start over in Miami, where he starts a violent one-man crime wave. He soon meets up with amiable college student Susie. Opposing Fred is Sgt Hoke Moseley, a cop who is getting a bit old for the job, especially since the job of cop in 1980's Miami is getting crazier all the time.

Grosse Pointe Blank

Director:George Armitage
Written by:Tom Jankiewicz (Screenplay), Tom Jankiewicz (Story), D.V. DeVincentis (Screenplay), John Cusack (Screenplay), Steve Pink (Screenplay)

Script Synopsis:Martin Blank is a freelance hitman who starts to develop a conscience, which causes him to muff a couple of routine assignments. On the advice of his secretary and his psychiatrist, he attends his 10th year High School reunion in Grosse Pointe, Michigan.