Born to Ride Script

Born to Ride poster thumbnail
Director:Graham Baker
Written by:Michael Pardridge (Screenplay), Janice Hickey (Screenplay)

Script Synopsis:The US Army has decided to modernize its cavalry, so Colonel James E. Devers is ordered by a general to convert a horse unit to motorcycles, but his men are easily outclassed as riders by a pack of rowdies, especially Grady Westfall; when he is arrested risking a long jail term, he's given one way out: enlisting as Corporal, assigned as driving instructor. Unit commander Captain Jack Hassler reviles his unorthodox boyish methods as undermining discipline and tradition, not to mention flirting with the Colonels daughter Beryl Ann, but he's needed, especially when his unit is deployed on a secret mission in Spain.

Omen III: The Final Conflict

Omen III: The Final Conflict poster thumbnail
Director:Graham Baker
Written by:Andrew Birkin (Screenplay), David Seltzer (Characters)

Script Synopsis:Damien Thorn (Sam Neill) has helped rescue the world from a recession, appearing to be a benign corporate benefactor. When he then becomes U.S. Ambassador to England, Damien fulfills a terrifying biblical prophecy. He also faces his own potential demise as an astronomical event brings about the second coming of Christ.

Alien Nation

Alien Nation poster thumbnail
Director:Graham Baker
Written by:Rockne S. O'Bannon (Screenplay)

Script Synopsis:A few years from now, Earth will have the first contact with an alien civilisation. These aliens, known as Newcomers, slowly begin to be integrated into human society after years of quarantine.