Sammy and Rosie Get Laid Script

Sammy and Rosie Get Laid poster thumbnail
Director:Stephen Frears
Written by:Hanif Kureishi (Screenplay)

Script Synopsis:Sammy and Rosie are an unconventional middle-class London married couple. They live in the midst of inner-city chaos, surround themselves with intellectual street people, and sleep with everybody - except each other! Things become interesting when Sammy's father, Raffi, who is a former Indian government minister, comes to London for a visit. Sammy, Rosie, and Raffi try to find meaning through their lives and loves.

My Son the Fanatic Script

My Son the Fanatic poster thumbnail
Director:Udayan Prasad
Written by:Hanif Kureishi (Writer), Hanif Kureishi (Story)

Script Synopsis:Pakistani taxi-driver Parvez and prostitute Bettina find themselves trapped in the middle when Islamic fundamentalists decide to clean up their local town.

My Beautiful Laundrette Script

My Beautiful Laundrette poster thumbnail
Director:Stephen Frears
Written by:Hanif Kureishi (Author)

Script Synopsis:A British-Pakistani man renovates a rundown laundrette with his male lover while dealing with drama within his family, the local Pakistani community, and a persistent mob of skinheads.


Venus poster thumbnail
Director:Roger Michell
Written by:Hanif Kureishi (Screenplay)

Script Synopsis:Maurice is an aging veteran actor who becomes absolutely taken with Jessie - the grandniece of his closest friend. When Maurice tries to soften the petulant and provincial young girl with the benefit of his wisdom and London culture, their give-and-take surprises both Maurice and Jessie as they discover what they don't know about themselves.

London Kills Me

London Kills Me poster thumbnail
Director:Hanif Kureishi
Written by:Hanif Kureishi (Writer)

Script Synopsis:For want of a nail a shoe was lost, for want of a shoe... a young man's life is almost lost, which is exactly what this film is all about: a man barely twenty who wants desperately to pull out of London's drug world by taking a job as a waiter in a 'normal' restaurant. But to do this he must come up with a "sensible" pair of shoes, an item that his homeless meanderings hasn't provided him.