Curly Top Script

Curly Top poster thumbnail
Director:Irving Cummings

Script Synopsis:Wealthy Edward Morgan becomes charmed with a curly-haired orphan and her pretty older sister Mary and arranges to adopt both under the alias of "Mr. Jones." As he spends more time with them, he soon finds himself falling in love with Mary.

Little Miss Broadway Script

Little Miss Broadway poster thumbnail
Director:Irving Cummings
Written by:Harry Tugend (Screenplay), Jack Yellen (Screenplay)

Script Synopsis:An orphan is provisionally adopted by the manager of a hotel populated by show business people. The hotel's owner doesn't like the entertainers and wants the girl returned to the orphanage.

Down Argentine Way Script

Down Argentine Way poster thumbnail
Director:Irving Cummings
Written by:Darrell Ware (Screenplay), Karl Tunberg (Screenplay), Rian James (Story), Ralph Spence (Story)

Script Synopsis:An American girl on vacation in Argentina falls for a wealthy racehorse owner.

That Night In Rio Script

That Night In Rio poster thumbnail
Director:Irving Cummings
Written by:Rudolph Lothar (Theatre Play), Hans Adler (Theatre Play), George Seaton (Screenplay), Bess Meredyth (Screenplay), Hal Long (Screenplay), Jessie Ernst (Adaptation)

Script Synopsis:An entertainer in Rio impersonates a wealthy aristocrat. When the aristocrat's wife asks him to carry the impersonation further, complications ensue.

Dolly Sisters Script

Dolly Sisters poster thumbnail
Director:Irving Cummings

Script Synopsis:Two sisters from Hungary become famous entertainers in the early 1900s. Fictionalized biography with lots of songs.