Draft Day Script

Draft Day poster thumbnail
Director:Ivan Reitman
Written by:Scott Rothman (Screenplay), Rajiv Joseph (Screenplay)

Script Synopsis:At the NFL Draft, general manager Sonny Weaver has the opportunity to rebuild his team when he trades for the number one pick. He must decide what he's willing to sacrifice on a life-changing day for a few hundred young men with NFL dreams.

My Super Ex-Girlfriend Script

My Super Ex-Girlfriend poster thumbnail
Director:Ivan Reitman
Written by:Don Payne (Screenplay)

Script Synopsis:When New York architect Matt Saunders dumps his new girlfriend Jenny Johnson - a smart, sexy and reluctant superhero known as G-Girl - she uses her powers to make his life a living hell!

Kindergarten Cop Script

Kindergarten Cop poster thumbnail
Director:Ivan Reitman
Written by:Murray Salem (Author), Murray Salem (Screenplay), Herschel Weingrod (Screenplay), Timothy Harris (Screenplay)

Script Synopsis:Hard-edged cop John Kimble gets more than he bargained for when he goes undercover as a kindergarten teacher to get the goods on a brutal drug lord while at the same time protecting the man's young son. Pitted against a class of boisterous moppets whose antics try his patience and test his mettle, Kimble may have met his match … in more ways than one.

Meatballs Script

Meatballs poster thumbnail
Director:Ivan Reitman
Written by:Len Blum (Screenplay), Daniel Goldberg (Screenplay)

Script Synopsis:Tripper is the head counselor at a budget summer camp called Camp Northstar. In truth, he's young at heart and only marginally more mature than the campers themselves. Tripper befriends Rudy, a loner camper who has trouble fitting in. As Tripper inspires his young charges to defeat rival Camp Mohawk in the annual Olympiad competition, Rudy plays matchmaker between Tripper and Roxanne, a female counselor at Northstar.

Stripes Script

Stripes poster thumbnail
Director:Ivan Reitman
Written by:Len Blum (Screenplay), Harold Ramis (Screenplay), Daniel Goldberg (Screenplay)

Script Synopsis:John Winger, an indolent sad sack in his 30s, impulsively joins the U.S. Army after losing his job, his girlfriend and his apartment.

Legal Eagles Script

Legal Eagles poster thumbnail
Director:Ivan Reitman
Written by:Jim Cash (Screenplay), Jack Epps Jr. (Screenplay)

Script Synopsis:District Attorney Tom Logan is set for higher office, at least until he becomes involved with defence lawyer Laura Kelly and her unpredictable client Chelsea Deardon. It seems the least of Chelsea's crimes is the theft of a very valuable painting, but as the women persuade Logan to investigate further and to cut some official corners, a much more sinister scenario starts to emerge.

Junior Script

Junior poster thumbnail
Director:Ivan Reitman
Written by:Kevin Wade (Screenplay), Chris Conrad (Screenplay)

Script Synopsis:As part of a fertility research project, a male scientist agrees to carry a pregnancy in his own body.

Six Days Seven Nights Script

Six Days Seven Nights poster thumbnail
Director:Ivan Reitman
Written by:Michael Browning (Screenplay)

Script Synopsis:When Quinn, a grouchy pilot living the good life in the South Pacific, agrees to transfer a savvy fashion editor, Robin, to Tahiti, he ends up stranded on a deserted island with her after their plane crashes. The pair avoid each other at first, until they're forced to team up to escape from the island -- and some pirates who want their heads.

Evolution Script

Evolution poster thumbnail
Director:Ivan Reitman
Written by:David Diamond (Screenplay), David Weissman (Screenplay), Don Jakoby (Screenplay)

Script Synopsis:A comedy that follows the chaos that ensues when a meteor hits the Earth carrying alien life forms that give new meaning to the term "survival of the fittest." David Duchovny, Orlando Jones, Seann William Scott, and Julianne Moore are the only people standing between the aliens and world domination... which could be bad news for the Earth.


Dave poster thumbnail
Director:Ivan Reitman
Written by:Gary Ross (Screenplay)

Script Synopsis:Bill Mitchell is the philandering and distant President of the United States. Dave Kovic is a sweet-natured and caring Temp Agency operator, who by a staggering coincidence looks exactly like the President. As such, when Mitchell wants to escape an official luncheon, the Secret Service hires Dave to stand in for him. Unfortunately, Mitchell suffers a severe stroke whilst having sex with one of his aides, and Dave finds himself stuck in the role indefinitely. The corrupt and manipulative Chief of Staff, Bob Alexander, plans to use Dave to elevate himself to the White House - but unfortunately, he doesn't count on Dave enjoying himself in office, using his luck to make the country a better place, and falling in love with the beautiful First Lady...