The Swashbuckler Script

The Swashbuckler poster thumbnail
Director:James Goldstone
Written by:Jeffrey Bloom (Writer), Paul Wheeler (Writer)

Script Synopsis:A pirate and a hot-tempered noblewoman join forces to protect Jamaica from a tyrant.

Blood Beach Script

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Director:Jeffrey Bloom
Written by:Jeffrey Bloom (Screenplay), Jeffrey Bloom (Story), Steven Nalevansky (Story)

Script Synopsis:Something or someone is attacking people one by one on the beach. Some of them are mutilated, but most of them are sucked into the sand, disappearing without a trace. What is the creature responsible? Where does it live, and where did it come from? And is there any chance of it reproducing? Meanwhile, David Huffman and Mariana Hill are once-almost-married old friends, reunited over the death of her mother on the beach, and searching for clues in the abandoned buildings where they used to play when they were young.

Flowers In The Attic Script

Flowers In The Attic poster thumbnail
Director:Jeffrey Bloom
Written by:Virginia C. Andrews (Novel), Jeffrey Bloom (Screenplay)

Script Synopsis:After the death of her husband, a mother takes her kids off to live with their grandparents in a huge, decrepit old mansion. However, the kids are kept hidden in a room just below the attic, visited only by their mother who becomes less and less concerned about them and their failing health, and more concerned about herself and the inheritence she plans to win back from her dying father.