Taxi Script

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Director:Tim Story
Written by:Luc Besson (Original Film Writer), Thomas Lennon (Screenplay), Jim Kouf (Screenplay), Ben Garant (Screenplay)

Script Synopsis:A mouthy and feisty taxicab driver has hot tips for a green and inept cop set on solving a string of New York City bank robberies committed by a quartet of female Brazilian bank robbers.

American Dreamer Script

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Director:Rick Rosenthal
Written by:Ann Biderman (Story), Jim Kouf (Writer), David Greenwalt (Writer)

Script Synopsis:American housewife Cathy Palmer loses her memory on a trip to Paris after being hit by a car. She wakes up in the hospital believing she's the fictional international spy, Rebecca Ryan.

Money Monster Script

Money Monster poster thumbnail
Director:Jodie Foster
Written by:Alan Di Fiore (Screenplay), Jim Kouf (Screenplay), Jamie Linden (Screenplay), Alan Di Fiore (Story), Jim Kouf (Story)

Script Synopsis:Financial TV host Lee Gates and his producer Patty are put in an extreme situation when an irate investor takes over their studio.

Class Script

Class poster thumbnail
Director:Lewis John Carlino
Written by:Jim Kouf (Writer), David Greenwalt (Writer)

Script Synopsis:Naive Midwestern prep student Jonathan bonds with his more worldly roommate, Skip, who takes the small-town boy under his wing. At Skip's urging, the inexperienced Jonathan is emboldened to seek out older women in the cocktail lounges of nearby Chicago, where he meets and beds the alluring Ellen, who unfortunately turns out to be Skip's mother. The division between the friends is further deepened when a cheating scandal engulfs the school.

Secret Admirer Script

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Director:David Greenwalt
Written by:Jim Kouf (Writer), David Greenwalt (Writer)

Script Synopsis:When high-school heartthrob Michael receives an unsigned love letter, he assumes it's from knock-out prom queen Deborah Anne instead of pretty honor student Toni. And when Michael accidentally misplaces the letter, the juicy jottings soon make their way into the hands of the whole neighborhood, touching off a scandalously sexy soap opera of mixed-up motives, mistaken identities and wrong emotions

Miracles Script

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Director:Jim Kouf
Written by:Jim Kouf (Writer)

Script Synopsis:Miracles is a 1986 comedy film about a newly divorced couple who can't seem to get away from one another. The film was written and directed by Jim Kouf, and stars Teri Garr, Tom Conti, Paul Rodriguez, and Christopher Lloyd.

Stakeout Script

Stakeout poster thumbnail
Director:John Badham
Written by:Jim Kouf (Screenplay)

Script Synopsis:Two cops are given the 'dirty' job of staking out the home of an escaped convict's ex-girlfriend. Chris and the beautiful girlfriend accidentally meet and fall in love. Just as Chris' confesses, the convict appears, but will she betray him ?

The Hidden Script

The Hidden poster thumbnail
Director:Jack Sholder
Written by:Jim Kouf (Screenplay)

Script Synopsis:When average, law-abiding citizens suddenly turn to a life of hedonistic behavior and violent crime, Detective Tom Beck (Michael Nouri) is tasked with helping young FBI agent Lloyd Gallagher (Kyle MacLachlan) determine the cause in this tense, sci-fi thriller.

Disorganized Crime Script

Disorganized Crime poster thumbnail
Director:Jim Kouf
Written by:Jim Kouf (Writer)

Script Synopsis:Lou Diamond Phillips and Fred Gwynne team up with a gang of professional criminals who have everything it takes to rob a bank. The only things they do have going for them are a cop and his partner, who are dumber than they are! By the time the gang hits the bank vault, it's a safe bet there's going to be organized insanity and disorganized crime!

Another Stakeout Script

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Director:John Badham
Written by:Lynn Kouf (Screenplay), Jim Kouf (Screenplay)

Script Synopsis:Chris and Bill are called upon for their excellent surveillance record to stakeout a lakeside home where a Mafia trial witness is believed to be heading or already hiding.