Streets of Gold Script

Streets of Gold poster thumbnail
Director:Joe Roth
Written by:Heywood Gould (Writer), Richard Price (Writer), Tom Cole (Writer)

Script Synopsis:Alek is an immigrant from the Soviet Union who was a talented boxer in his day, but he was not allowed on the Soviet national team because he was a Jew. Depressed and discouraged, he meets two young amateur boxers. As their coach, he trains them for glory.

Coupe de Ville Script

Coupe de Ville poster thumbnail
Director:Joe Roth

Script Synopsis:Meet the Libner brothers: Marvin (Daniel Stern), the oldest, is a sergeant in the U.S. Air Force. Buddy (Arye Gross), the middle child, is a timid dreamer. Bobby (Patrick Dempsey), the youngest, is a handsome rebel in reform school. As kids, they fought a lot and as adults, they barely speak. In the summer of 1963, their tough and eccentric father, Fred (Alan Arkin), gives them a task: to bring a 1954 Cadillac, bought for their mother, Betty (Rita Taggart), from Detroit to Miami. As the trip goes on, the three brothers fight and begin to reconnect with each other, while trying to keep the Caddy in mint condition.

Freedomland Script

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Director:Joe Roth
Written by:Richard Price (Author)

Script Synopsis:A black police detective must solve a strange case of a kidnapped boy and deal with a big racial protest.

Christmas With The Kranks Script

Christmas With The Kranks poster thumbnail
Director:Joe Roth
Written by:John Grisham (Novel), Chris Columbus (Screenplay)

Script Synopsis:Luther Krank is fed up with the commerciality of Christmas; he decides to skip the holiday and go on a vacation with his wife instead. But when his daughter decides at the last minute to come home, he must put together a holiday celebration.

America’s Sweethearts Script

America's Sweethearts poster thumbnail
Director:Joe Roth
Written by:Billy Crystal (Screenplay), Peter Tolan (Screenplay)

Script Synopsis:In the midst of a nasty public breakup of married movie stars, a studio publicist scrambles to put a cap on the escalating situation as the couple's latest film has found it's only print kidnapped by the director.