Beavis and Butt-head Do America

Beavis and Butt-head Do America poster thumbnail
Director:Mike Judge
Written by:Mike Judge (Author), Joe Stillman (Author), Mike Judge (Screenplay), Joe Stillman (Screenplay), John Rice (Storyboard), Ray daSilva (Storyboard)

Script Synopsis:Mike Judge's slacker duo, Beavis and Butt-Head, wake to discover their TV has been stolen. Their search for a new one takes them on a clueless adventure across America where they manage to accidentally become America's most wanted.

Planet 51

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Director:Jorge Blanco, Javier Abad, Marcos Martínez
Written by:Marcos Martínez (Writer), Javier Abad (Writer), Jorge Blanco (Writer), Ignacio Pérez Dolset (Writer), Joe Stillman (Writer)

Script Synopsis:When Earth astronaut Capt. Chuck Baker arrives on Planet 51 -- a world reminiscent of American suburbia circa 1950 -- he tries to avoid capture, recover his spaceship and make it home safely, all with the help of an empathetic little green being.

Shrek Script

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Director:Andrew Adamson, Vicky Jenson
Written by:William Steig (Novel), Ted Elliott (Author), Terry Rossio (Author), Joe Stillman (Author), Roger S.H. Schulman (Author)

Script Synopsis:It ain't easy bein' green -- especially if you're a likable (albeit smelly) ogre named Shrek. On a mission to retrieve a gorgeous princess from the clutches of a fire-breathing dragon, Shrek teams up with an unlikely compatriot -- a wisecracking donkey.

Shrek 2 Script

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Director:Andrew Adamson, Kelly Asbury, Conrad Vernon
Written by:William Steig (Novel), Andrew Adamson (Screenplay), Joe Stillman (Screenplay), J. David Stem (Screenplay), David N. Weiss (Screenplay), Steven E. Gordon (Storyboard)

Script Synopsis:Shrek, Fiona and Donkey set off to Far, Far Away to meet Fiona's mother and father. But not everyone is happy. Shrek and the King find it hard to get along, and there's tension in the marriage. The fairy godmother discovers that Shrek has married Fiona instead of her Son Prince Charming and sets about destroying their marriage.