On the Beach Script

On the Beach poster thumbnail
Director:Stanley Kramer
Written by:Nevil Shute (Novel), John Paxton (Screenplay)

Script Synopsis:In 1964, atomic war wipes out humanity in the northern hemisphere; one American submarine finds temporary safe haven in Australia, where life-as-usual covers growing despair. In denial about the loss of his wife and children in the holocaust, American Captain Towers meets careworn but gorgeous Moira Davidson, who begins to fall for him. The sub returns after reconnaissance a month (or less) before the end; will Towers and Moira find comfort with each other?

Crossfire Script

Crossfire poster thumbnail
Director:Edward Dmytryk
Written by:Richard Brooks (Novel), John Paxton (Screenplay)

Script Synopsis:A man is murdered, apparently by one of a group of soldiers just out of the army. But which one? And why?

Murder My Sweet Script

Murder My Sweet poster thumbnail
Director:Edward Dmytryk
Written by:Raymond Chandler (Novel), John Paxton (Screenplay)

Script Synopsis:Gumshoe Philip Marlowe is hired by the oafish Moose Malloy to track down his former girlfriend. He's also hired to accompany an effeminate playboy buy back some jewels. When the exchange results in the playboy's murder, Marlowe can't leave the case alone, and soon discovers it's related to Malloy's. As he gets drawn deeper into a complex web of intrigue by a mysterious blonde, the detective finds his own life in increasing jeopardy.

Kotch Script

Kotch poster thumbnail
Director:Jack Lemmon
Written by:John Paxton (Writer), Katharine Topkins (Writer)

Script Synopsis:Joseph Kotcher, retired salesman, walks out on his son and daughter-in-law after their attempts to put him in a retirement home. He tracks down their babysitter, sacked because she is pregnant, and rents a small house nearby. He finds a new purpose in life. Jack Lemmon's first film as director stars his old friend Walter Matthau.

The Wild One

The Wild One poster thumbnail
Director:László Benedek
Written by:Frank Rooney (Novel), John Paxton (Screenplay)

Script Synopsis:The Black Rebels Motorcycle Club ride into the small California town of Wrightsville, eager to raise hell. Brooding gang leader Johnny Strabler takes a liking to Kathie, the daughter of the local watering hole as another club rolls into town.