Past Perfect Script

Past Perfect poster thumbnail
Director:Jonathan Heap
Written by:John Penney (Writer)

Script Synopsis:In this Seattle-set police thriller, a police detective tries to bring a band of adolescent arms dealers to justice. He manages to capture one, but he is under-age and cannot be prosecuted as an adult. Meanwhile someone is quietly slaughtering the youth's gang mates, leaving the police detective to try to save him from the same fate.

The Kindred Script

The Kindred poster thumbnail
Director:Stephen Carpenter, Jeffrey Obrow
Written by:Jeffrey Obrow (Writer), Stephen Carpenter (Writer), John Penney (Writer), Earl Ghaffari (Writer), Joseph Stefano (Writer)

Script Synopsis:Amanda's deathbed request to her son, John, was for him to destroy all the lab notes etc. from her last experiment. She also blurts out he had a brother. At the funeral John meets Melissa, who claims to be his mothers biggest fan. Together with some of John's friends they go to Amanda's house, but none are prepared for what they find there.

Return Of The Living Dead 3 Script

Return Of The Living Dead 3 poster thumbnail
Director:Brian Yuzna
Written by:John Penney (Writer)

Script Synopsis:Colonel Reynolds and his group of government scientists continue their work on re-animating the dead for military use. His son Curt uses a stolen security pass to sneak in with his thrill-seeking girlfriend Julie, with shocking, deadly results!