The Truth About Charlie Script

The Truth About Charlie poster thumbnail
Director:Jonathan Demme
Written by:Peter Stone (Screenplay), Jonathan Demme (Screenplay)

Script Synopsis:When Regina Lambert returns from a vacation to Paris, she finds not only her apartment, but also her bank account completely empty. A visit to the police headquarters reveals that Charlie has been murdered and a lot of people are after his money. Regina now begins a dangerous search for the truth.

Citizen’s Band Script

Citizen's Band poster thumbnail
Director:Jonathan Demme
Written by:Paul Brickman (Writer)

Script Synopsis:The interlaced stories of several characters in a small town united by their use of CB (citizen's band) radio.

Something Wild Script

Something Wild poster thumbnail
Director:Jonathan Demme
Written by:E. Max Frye (Screenplay)

Script Synopsis:A free-spirited woman "kidnaps" a yuppie for a weekend of adventure. But the fun quickly takes a dangerous turn when her ex-con husband shows up.

Married To The Mob Script

Married To The Mob poster thumbnail
Director:Jonathan Demme
Written by:Barry Strugatz (Writer), Mark R. Burns (Writer)

Script Synopsis:Angela de Marco is fed up with her gangster husband's line of work and wants no part of the crime world. When her husband is killed for having an affair with the mistress of mob boss Tony "The Tiger" Russo, Angela and her son depart for New York City to make a fresh start. Unfortunately, Tony has set his sights upon Angela -- and so has an undercover FBI agent looking to use her to bust Tony.

Rachel Getting Married

Rachel Getting Married poster thumbnail
Director:Jonathan Demme
Written by:Jenny Lumet (Writer)

Script Synopsis:A young woman who has been in and out from rehab for the past 10 years returns home for the weekend for her sister's wedding.


Philadelphia poster thumbnail
Director:Jonathan Demme
Written by:Ron Nyswaner (Author)

Script Synopsis:Two competing lawyers join forces to sue a prestigious law firm for AIDS discrimination. As their unlikely friendship develops their courage overcomes the prejudice and corruption of their powerful adversaries.

The Manchurian Candidate

The Manchurian Candidate poster thumbnail
Director:Jonathan Demme
Written by:Richard Condon (Novel), Daniel Pyne (Screenplay), Dean Georgaris (Screenplay)

Script Synopsis:Years after his squad was ambushed during the Gulf War, Major Ben Marco finds himself having terrible nightmares. He begins to doubt that his fellow squad-mate Sergeant Raymond Shaw, now a vice-presidential candidate, is the hero he remembers him being. As Marco's doubts deepen, Shaw's political power grows, and, when Marco finds a mysterious implant embedded in his back, the memory of what really happened begins to return.


Beloved poster thumbnail
Director:Jonathan Demme
Written by:Toni Morrison (Writer)

Script Synopsis:After Paul D. finds his old slave friend Sethe in Ohio and moves in with her and her daughter Denver, a strange girl comes along by the name of "Beloved". Sethe and Denver take her in and then strange things start to happen...

Melvin and Howard

Melvin and Howard poster thumbnail
Director:Jonathan Demme
Written by:Bo Goldman (Writer)

Script Synopsis:The story of hard-luck Melvin Dummar, who claimed to have received a will naming him an heir to the fortune of Howard Hughes.

The Silence of the Lambs

The Silence of the Lambs poster thumbnail
Director:Jonathan Demme
Written by:Ted Tally (Screenplay), Thomas Harris (Novel)

Script Synopsis:Clarice Starling is a top student at the FBI's training academy. Jack Crawford wants Clarice to interview Dr. Hannibal Lecter, a brilliant psychiatrist who is also a violent psychopath, serving life behind bars for various acts of murder and cannibalism. Crawford believes that Lecter may have insight into a case and that Starling, as an attractive young woman, may be just the bait to draw him out.