The Forgotten Script

The Forgotten poster thumbnail
Director:Joseph Ruben
Written by:Gerald Di Pego (Screenplay)

Script Synopsis:Telly Paretta is a grieving mother struggling to cope with the loss of her 8-year-old son. She is stunned when her psychiatrist reveals that she has created eight years of memories about a son she never had. But when she meets a man who has had a similar experience, Telly embarks on a search to prove her son's existence, and her sanity.

Dreamscape Script

Dreamscape poster thumbnail
Director:Joseph Ruben
Written by:David Loughery (Story), David Loughery (Screenplay), Chuck Russell (Screenplay), Joseph Ruben (Screenplay)

Script Synopsis:A government funded project looks into using psychics to enter people's dreams, with some mechanical help. When a subject dies in his sleep from a heart attack Alex Gardner becomes suspicious that another of the psychics is killing people in the dreams somehow and that is causing them to die in real life. He must find a way to stop the abuse of the power to enter dreams.

Sleeping With The Enemy Script

Sleeping With The Enemy poster thumbnail
Director:Joseph Ruben
Written by:Nancy Price (Novel), Ronald Bass (Screenplay)

Script Synopsis:A young woman fakes her own death in an attempt to escape her nightmarish marriage, but discovers it is impossible to elude her controlling husband.

The Good Son Script

The Good Son poster thumbnail
Director:Joseph Ruben
Written by:Ian McEwan (Screenplay)

Script Synopsis:A young boy stays with his aunt and uncle, and befriends his cousin who's the same age. But his cousin begins showing increasing signs of psychotic behavior.

Money Train Script

Money Train poster thumbnail
Director:Joseph Ruben
Written by:Doug Richardson (Screenplay)

Script Synopsis:When a vengeful New York transit cop decides to steal a trainload of subway fares, his foster brother—a fellow cop—tries to protect him.

Return To Paradise Script

Return To Paradise poster thumbnail
Director:Joseph Ruben
Written by:Wesley Strick (Screenplay), Bruce Robinson (Screenplay), Pierre Jolivet (Novel)

Script Synopsis:Lewis, Sheriff and Tony are three friends vacationing in Malaysia. Sheriff and Tony eventually leave to pursue careers in New York, but Lewis stays behind to work with orangutans. Two years later, Sheriff and Tony learn that, because of their past actions, Lewis has been arrested for drug possession. With Lewis facing a death sentence, the friends are left with a difficult decision: return to Malaysia and split Lewis' sentence, or let him die.

True Believer

True Believer poster thumbnail
Director:Joseph Ruben
Written by:Wesley Strick (Writer)

Script Synopsis:Eddie Dodd is a burnt out former civil rights lawyer who now specializes in defending drug dealers. Roger Baron, newly graduated from law school, has followed Eddie's great cases and now wants to learn at his feet. With Roger's idealistic prodding, Eddie reluctantly takes on a case of a young Korean man who, according to his mother, has been in jail for eight years for a murder he didn't commit.