Sweet Sixteen Script

Sweet Sixteen poster thumbnail
Director:Ken Loach
Written by:Paul Laverty (Screenplay)

Script Synopsis:Determined to have a normal family life once his mother gets out of prison, a Scottish teenager from a tough background sets out to raise the money for a home.

My Name Is Joe Script

My Name Is Joe poster thumbnail
Director:Ken Loach
Written by:Paul Laverty (Screenplay)

Script Synopsis:Two thirtysomethings, unemployed former alcoholic Joe and community health worker Sarah, start a romantic relationship in the one of the toughest Glasgow neighbourhoods.

Hidden Agenda Script

Hidden Agenda poster thumbnail
Director:Ken Loach

Script Synopsis:In Ireland, American lawyer Ingrid Jessner and her activist partner, Paul Sullivan, struggle to uncover atrocities committed by the British government against the Northern Irish during the "Troubles." But when Sullivan is assassinated in the streets, Jessner teams up with Peter Kerrigan, a British investigator acting against the will of his own government, and struggles to uncover a conspiracy that may even implicate one of Kerrigan's colleagues.