A Touch of Class Script

A Touch of Class poster thumbnail
Director:Melvin Frank

Script Synopsis:Steve, a happily married American man living in London meets Vicki, an English divorcée and run off to Marbella for a rollicking week of sex. They then return to London to set up a cozy menage, despite the fact that he loves his wife and children, and now realize that he and Vicki have also fallen in love.

The Prisoner of Second Avenue Script

The Prisoner of Second Avenue poster thumbnail
Director:Melvin Frank
Written by:Neil Simon (Writer), Neil Simon (Theatre Play)

Script Synopsis:Mel Edison has just lost his job after many years and now has to cope with being unemployed at middle age during an intense NYC heat wave.

The Court Jester Script

The Court Jester poster thumbnail
Director:Melvin Frank, Norman Panama
Written by:Norman Panama (Screenplay), Melvin Frank (Screenplay)

Script Synopsis:A hapless carnival performer masquerades as the court jester as part of a plot against a usurper who has overthrown the rightful king of England.

A Funny Thing Happened On The Way To The Forum Script

A Funny Thing Happened On The Way To The Forum poster thumbnail
Director:Richard Lester
Written by:Melvin Frank (Screenplay), Burt Shevelove (Writer), Larry Gelbart (Writer), Michael Pertwee (Screenplay)

Script Synopsis:A wily slave must unite a virgin courtesan and his young smitten master to earn his freedom.

The Duchess And The Dirtwater Fox Script

The Duchess And The Dirtwater Fox poster thumbnail
Director:Melvin Frank
Written by:Barry Sandler (Writer), Melvin Frank (Writer), Jack Rose (Writer)

Script Synopsis:A female hustler is chasing after rich men, but becomes repeatedly mixed up with a suave con man and card shark through a series of misadventures before falling in love with him.

Walk Like A Man Script

Walk Like A Man poster thumbnail
Director:Melvin Frank
Written by:Robert Klane (Writer)

Script Synopsis:As a baby, Bobo gets separated from his family during a camping trip. After being raised by wild dogs for twenty years, Bobo is discovered by animal researcher Penny, who brings him back to his family and attempts to teach Bobo how to readjust to life with humans. While his mother is overjoyed to see him again, Bobo's older brother Henry is more worried about losing his share of the inheritance. As Bobo progresses with Penny's lessons, Henry plots to have him eliminated.

White Christmas

White Christmas poster thumbnail
Director:Michael Curtiz
Written by:Norman Krasna (Writer), Norman Panama (Writer), Melvin Frank (Writer)

Script Synopsis:Two talented song-and-dance men team up after the war to become one of the hottest acts in show business. In time they befriend and become romantically involved with the beautiful Haynes sisters who comprise a sister act.

Mr. Blandings Builds His Dream House

Mr. Blandings Builds His Dream House poster thumbnail
Director:H. C. Potter
Written by:Eric Hodgins (Novel), Norman Panama (Screenplay), Melvin Frank (Screenplay)

Script Synopsis:An advertising executive dreams of getting out of the city and building a perfect home in the country, only to find the transition fraught with problems.