L.A. Bounty Script

L.A. Bounty poster thumbnail
Director:Worth Keeter
Written by:Sybil Danning (Story), Michael W. Leighton (Screenplay)

Script Synopsis:Mayor candidate Mike Rhodes is kidnapped in his own home outside of Los Angeles by unknown, masked terrorists. His wife Kelly barely survives the attempted murder on her, and is able to identify one of the kidnappers. She's placed on the police's protection list while the investigation is ongoing. Ruger, a tough and merciless bounty hunter is out on the streets avenging her partner's death. With Kelly as her bait, Ruger starts a dangerous game to bring Cavanough, a crazed crime kingpin behind the kidnapping, out of hiding.

Pale Blood Script

Pale Blood poster thumbnail
Director:V.V. Dachin Hsu, Michael W. Leighton
Written by:V.V. Dachin Hsu (Screenplay), Takashi Matsuoka (Screenplay)

Script Synopsis:A vampire pretender who is murdering women runs into a real vampire who is out to stop him because he is casting too much of a spotlight on the vampire community.