The Lady in the Van Script

The Lady in the Van poster thumbnail
Director:Elliot Levey, Nicholas Hytner
Written by:Alan Bennett (Writer)

Script Synopsis:The true story of the relationship between Alan Bennett and the singular Miss Shepherd, a woman of uncertain origins who ‘temporarily’ parked her van in Bennett’s London driveway and proceeded to live there for 15 years.

The Madness Of King George Script

The Madness Of King George poster thumbnail
Director:Nicholas Hytner
Written by:Alan Bennett (Screenplay)

Script Synopsis:King George III's erratic behaviour leads to a plot in Parliament to have him declared insane and removed from the throne.

The Crucible Script

The Crucible poster thumbnail
Director:Nicholas Hytner
Written by:Arthur Miller (Writer)

Script Synopsis:Based upon the play "The Crucible" by Arthur Miller (who wrote the screen adaptation), the Salem witch trials in 1692 plunge the Massachusetts Bay colony into chaos.

The Object Of My Affection Script

The Object Of My Affection poster thumbnail
Director:Nicholas Hytner
Written by:Wendy Wasserstein (Screenplay)

Script Synopsis:A pregnant New York social worker begins to develop romantic feelings for her gay best friend, and decides she'd rather raise her child with him, much to the dismay of her overbearing boyfriend.

Center Stage Script

Center Stage poster thumbnail
Director:Nicholas Hytner
Written by:Carol Heikkinen (Screenplay)

Script Synopsis:A group of 12 teenagers from various backgrounds enroll at the American Ballet Academy in New York to make it as ballet dancers and each one deals with the problems and stress of training and getting ahead in the world of dance.