Houdini Script

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Director:Pen Densham
Written by:Pen Densham (Writer)

Script Synopsis:The life and times of escape artist/magician Harry Houdini.

Larger Than Life Script

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Director:Howard Franklin
Written by:Roy Blount Jr. (Screenplay), Pen Densham (Story), Garry Williams (Story)

Script Synopsis:Motivational Speaker Jack Corcoran is determined to get his career off the ground, but the biggest gigs he can get are the ones nobody wants. Then one day, he receives a telegram that his circus clown father has passed away, and has left a "huge" inheritance. When he gets there, he finds that his inheritance has come in the form of an elephant that was his father's pride and joy in circus acts. His main intention is to sell the pachyderm off. Jack must choose between loud and rude zookeeper Mo or attractive animal show owner Terry. As the two treks through the country Jack and the elephant develop a bond, and it changes his approach on life for the better.

Moll Flanders Script

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Director:Pen Densham
Written by:Daniel Defoe (Characters), Pen Densham (Story), Pen Densham (Screenplay)

Script Synopsis:The daughter of a thief, young Moll is placed in the care of a nunnery after the execution of her mother. However, the actions of an abusive priest lead Moll to rebel as a teenager, escaping to the dangerous streets of London. Further misfortunes drive her to accept a job as a prostitute from the conniving Mrs. Allworthy. It is there that Moll first meets Hibble, who is working as Allworthy's servant but takes a special interest in the young woman's well-being. With his help, she retains hope for the future, ultimately falling in love with an unconventional artist who promises the possibility of romantic happiness.