Doctor Bull Script

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Director:John Ford
Written by:Paul Green (Writer), Philip Klein (Writer), James Gould Cozzens (Novel)

Script Synopsis:In this engaging adaptation of James Gould Cozzen's novel The Last Adam, film icon Will Rogers portrays Dr. George Bull, a compassionate, highly regarded small-town physician who often prescribes a healthy dose of common sense! But when Bull begins dating a widow (Vera Allen), the local gossips misconstrue the story. To make matters worse, Bull's plainspoken manner earns him an enemy in the wealthy owner of a nearby construction camp. But once it's learned that the camp has caused illness by polluting the local water supply, the good doctor steps in to try to restore the town's health - and his reputation!

Pilgrimage Script

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Director:John Ford
Written by:Barry Conners (Writer), Philip Klein (Writer)

Script Synopsis:A mother from Arkansas is very possessive of her grown son. To prevent him from getting married she has him drafted into WW I.