Ghost In The Machine Script

Director:Rachel Talalay
Written by:William Osborne (Screenplay), William Davies (Screenplay)

Script Synopsis:Karl, a technician in a computer shop, is also the "Address Book Killer," who obtains the names of his victims from stolen address books. Terry and her son Josh come into the store to price software, and a salesman uses Terry's address book to demonstrate a hand-held scanner. Karl obtains the file, and while driving to Terry's house that night in a heavy rainstorm, his car runs off the road and lands upside down in a cemetery. While Karl is undergoing a CAT scan at the hospital, a surge of lightning courses through the building, and Karl's soul is transformed into electrical energy. Karl uses the electrical grid and computer networks to continue his killing spree.

Tank Girl Script

Director:Rachel Talalay
Written by:Tedi Sarafian (Screenplay)

Script Synopsis:Based on the British cult comic-strip, our tank-riding anti-heroine fights a mega-corporation, which controls the world's water supply.

Nightmare on Elm Street 6: Freddy’s Dead: The Final Nightmare

Director:Rachel Talalay
Written by:Wes Craven (Characters), Michael De Luca (Screenplay)

Script Synopsis:Just when you thought it was safe to sleep, Freddy Krueger returns in this sixth installment of the Nightmare on Elm Street films, as psychologist Maggie Burroughs, tormented by recurring nightmares, meets a patient with the same horrific dreams. Their quest for answers leads to a certain house on Elm Street -- where the nightmares become reality.