Outlaw Blues Script

Outlaw Blues poster thumbnail
Director:Richard T. Heffron
Written by:Bill L. Norton (Writer)

Script Synopsis:An aspiring musician is released from prison to find that a song he had written while locked up has been stolen and made into a hit record by a country music superstar. When his confrontation with the star takes a violent turn the ex-con has to go back on the run, but he finds an unexpected ally in a shrewd background singer with a plan to turn the tables in his favor.

I The Jury Script

I The Jury poster thumbnail
Director:Richard T. Heffron
Written by:Larry Cohen (Writer), Mickey Spillane (Novel)

Script Synopsis:Jack Williams was the best friend of Vietnam veteran and detective Mike Hammer. When Jack is murdered, Mike makes it his business to solve the crime. He is helped by his secretary Velda, and partly helped, partly hindered by the Chief of Police, Pat Chambers. On the trail of the killer, Mike discovers government conspiracies, and plots used by the CIA and the Mafia.

A Whale for the Killing

A Whale for the Killing poster thumbnail
Director:Richard T. Heffron
Written by:Lionel Chetwynd (Writer)

Script Synopsis:A conservationst tries to rescue a whale, which is trapped in a lagoon in New Foundland. Based upon the book by Farley Mowat.