Big Fix Script

Big Fix poster thumbnail
Director:Jeremy Kagan
Written by:Roger L. Simon (Screenplay), Roger L. Simon (Novel)

Script Synopsis:Richard Dreyfuss is Moses Wine, a private detective hired to by his former college girlfriend, Susan Anspach, to investigate a political smear campaign. Moses sets out to find out who is responsible, with deadly results, in this comedy-thriller.

Bustin’ Loose Script

Bustin' Loose poster thumbnail
Director:Oz Scott
Written by:Lonne Elder III (Adaptation), Richard Pryor (Story), Roger L. Simon (Screenplay)

Script Synopsis:After ex-con Joe Braxton violates his probation he is given a second chance, all he has to do is drive a group of special kids across the country.

Enemies: A Love Story Script

Enemies: A Love Story poster thumbnail
Director:Paul Mazursky
Written by:Paul Mazursky (Screenplay), Roger L. Simon (Screenplay), Isaac Bashevis Singer (Novel)

Script Synopsis:A ghostwriter finds himself romantically involved with his current wife, a married woman and his long-vanished wife.

Scenes From A Mall Script

Scenes From A Mall poster thumbnail
Director:Paul Mazursky
Written by:Roger L. Simon (Writer), Paul Mazursky (Writer)

Script Synopsis:A comedy about a married couple -- he's a sports lawyer, she's a psychologist -- which takes place on their 16th wedding anniversary, when they make some startling confessions.