Geronimo Script

Geronimo poster thumbnail
Director:Roger Young
Written by:J.T. Allen (Writer)

Script Synopsis:The story of the greatest Native American warrior who, together with the rest of his Apache tribesmen, defied American and Mexican Armies in 1867. Finally caught and sent to a reservation camp, he eluded a military force of 5000 for 18 months before finally surrendering to the government.

The Siege at Ruby Ridge Script

The Siege at Ruby Ridge poster thumbnail
Director:Roger Young
Written by:Lionel Chetwynd (Writer), Jess Walter (Writer)

Script Synopsis:A mini-series dramatization of the controversial 1992 attack by federal agents on the Idaho home of Randy Weaver, a white seperatist. The ten-day siege, begun over a minor gun charge, resulted in the deaths of Weaver's son, wife and dog, and a U.S. Marshall. The incident caused major public outcry against the FBI and U.S. Marshals.

Lassiter Script

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Director:Roger Young
Written by:David Taylor (Writer)

Script Synopsis:Scotland Yard and the FBI force a thief and his girlfriend to steal Nazi diamonds from a German countess.

The Squeeze Script

The Squeeze poster thumbnail
Director:Roger Young
Written by:Daniel Taplitz (Writer)

Script Synopsis:Harry Berg is both a con artist and an actual artist -- he constructs large sculptures out of television sets -- but he is not particularly successful in either role. He owes some money, which gets him involved with Rachel Dobs, a police detective who works with a collection agency. When Harry comes into possession of a strange parcel, both the con man and the detective find themselves wrapped up in a sinister corporate plot to fix the lottery.