The Adventures Of Pluto Nash Script

The Adventures Of Pluto Nash poster thumbnail
Director:Ron Underwood
Written by:Neil Cuthbert (Screenplay)

Script Synopsis:The year is 2087, the setting is the moon. Pluto Nash, the high-flying successful owner of the hottest nightclub in the universe, finds himself in trouble when he refuses to sell his club to lunar gangster Mogan, who just happens to be helping the mysterious Rex Crater mastermind a plan to take over the entire moon.

City Slickers Script

City Slickers poster thumbnail
Director:Ron Underwood
Written by:Lowell Ganz (Screenplay), Babaloo Mandel (Screenplay)

Script Synopsis:Three New York businessmen decide to take a "Wild West" vacation that turns out not to be the relaxing vacation they had envisioned.

Heart And Souls Script

Heart And Souls poster thumbnail
Director:Ron Underwood
Written by:Brent Maddock (Screenplay)

Script Synopsis:A businessman is reunited with the four lost souls who were his guardian angels during childhood, all with a particular purpose to joining the afterlife.

Speechless Script

Speechless poster thumbnail
Director:Ron Underwood
Written by:Robert King (Screenplay)

Script Synopsis:A romantic comedy. Michael Keaton and Geena Davis are speechwriters for competing political campaigns. Witty and amusing for the political junkies amongst us.

Tremors II: Aftershocks Script

Tremors II: Aftershocks poster thumbnail
Director:S. S. Wilson
Written by:Brent Maddock (Writer), S. S. Wilson (Writer), Brent Maddock (Characters), S. S. Wilson (Characters), Ron Underwood (Characters)

Script Synopsis:Those supersucking desert creatures are back --- and this time they're south of the border. As the creatures worm their way through the oil fields of Mexico, the only people who can wrangle them are veteran Earl Bassett and survivalist Burt Gummer. Add to that team a young punk out for cash and a fearless scientist, and the critters don't stand a chance.

Mighty Joe Young

Mighty Joe Young poster thumbnail
Director:Ron Underwood
Written by:Merian C. Cooper (Screenplay), Mark Rosenthal (Screenplay)

Script Synopsis:As a child living in Africa, Jill Young saw her mother killed while protecting wild gorillas from poachers led by Andrei Strasser. Now an adult, Jill cares for an orphaned gorilla named Joe -- who, due to a genetic anomaly, is 15 feet tall. When Gregg O'Hara arrives from California and sees the animal, he convinces Jill that Joe would be safest at his wildlife refuge. But Strasser follows them to the U.S., intent on capturing Joe for himself.


Tremors poster thumbnail
Director:Ron Underwood
Written by:S. S. Wilson (Screenplay), Brent Maddock (Screenplay)

Script Synopsis:Hick handymen Val McKee and Earl Bassett can barely eke out a living in the Nevada hamlet of Perfection, so they decide to leave town -- despite an admonition from a shapely seismology coed who's picking up odd readings on her equipment. Before long, Val and Earl discover what's responsible for those readings: 30-foot-long carnivorous worms with a proclivity for sucking their prey underground.