Convoy Script

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Director:Sam Peckinpah
Written by:Bill L. Norton (Screenplay), Bill L. Norton (Screenstory)

Script Synopsis:Truckers form a mile long "convoy" in support of a trucker's vendetta with an abusive sheriff...Based on the country song of same title by C.W. McCall.

The Glory Guys Script

The Glory Guys poster thumbnail
Director:Arnold Laven
Written by:Sam Peckinpah (Writer), Hoffman Birney (Novel)

Script Synopsis:Though a fictionalized Western based on George Armstrong Custer's 7th Cavalry Regiment at the Battle of the Little Big Horn, the film is almost a generic war story covering the enlistment, training, and operational deployment of a group of recruits that could take place in any time period.

The Ballad of Cable Hogue Script

The Ballad of Cable Hogue poster thumbnail
Director:Sam Peckinpah
Written by:John Crawford (Writer), Edmund Penney (Writer), Gordon T. Dawson (Writer)

Script Synopsis:Double-crossed and left without water in the desert, Cable Hogue is saved when he finds a spring. It is in just the right spot for a much needed rest stop on the local stagecoach line, and Hogue uses this to his advantage. He builds a house and makes money off the stagecoach passengers. Hildy, a prostitute from the nearest town, moves in with him. Hogue has everything going his way until the advent of the automobile ends the era of the stagecoach.

Villa Rides Script

Villa Rides poster thumbnail
Director:Buzz Kulik
Written by:William Douglas Lansford (Novel), William Douglas Lansford (Adaptation), Robert Towne (Screenplay), Sam Peckinpah (Screenplay)

Script Synopsis:Pulled into the Mexican Revolution by his own greed, Texas gunrunner & pilot Lee Arnold joins bandit-turned-patriot Pancho Villa & his band of dedicated men in a march across Mexico battling the Colorados & stealing women's hearts as they go. But each has a nemesis among his friends: Arnold is tormented by Fierro, Villa's right-hand-man; and Villa must face possible betrayal by his own president's naiveté

Pat Garrett And Billy The Kid Script

Pat Garrett And Billy The Kid poster thumbnail
Director:Sam Peckinpah
Written by:Rudy Wurlitzer (Screenplay)

Script Synopsis:An aging Pat Garrett is hired as a lawman on behalf of a group of wealthy New Mexico cattle barons--his sole purpose being to bring down his old friend Billy the Kid.

Bring Me The Head Of Alfredo Garcia Script

Bring Me The Head Of Alfredo Garcia poster thumbnail
Director:Sam Peckinpah
Written by:Sam Peckinpah (Screenplay), Gordon T. Dawson (Screenplay)

Script Synopsis:An American bartender and his prostitute girlfriend go on a road trip through the Mexican underworld to collect a $1 million bounty on the head of a dead gigolo.

The Killer Elite (1975) Script

The Killer Elite poster thumbnail
Director:Sam Peckinpah
Written by:Marc Norman (Screenplay), Stirling Silliphant (Screenplay)

Script Synopsis:Mike Locken is one of the principle members of a group of freelance spies. A significant portion of their work is for the C.I.A. and while on a case for them one of his friends turns on him and shoots him in the elbow and knee. His assignment, to protect someone, goes down in flames. He is nearly crippled, but with braces is able to again become mobile. For revenge as much as anything else, Mike goes after his ex-friend.

The Osterman Weekend Script

The Osterman Weekend poster thumbnail
Director:Sam Peckinpah
Written by:Robert Ludlum (Novel), Ian Masters (Adaptation), Alan Sharp (Screenplay)

Script Synopsis:The host of an investigative news show is convinced by the CIA that the friends he has invited to a weekend in the country are engaged in a conspiracy that threatens national security in this adaptation of the Robert Ludlum novel.

Ride the High Country

Ride the High Country poster thumbnail
Director:Sam Peckinpah
Written by:N.B. Stone Jr. (Story), Sam Peckinpah (Screenplay), Robert Creighton Williams (Screenplay)

Script Synopsis:An ex-lawman is hired to transport gold from a mining community through dangerous territory. But what he doesn't realize is that his partner and old friend is plotting to double-cross him.

The Getaway

The Getaway poster thumbnail
Director:Sam Peckinpah
Written by:Walter Hill (Screenplay), Jim Thompson (Novel)

Script Synopsis:A recently released ex-con and his loyal wife go on the run after a heist goes awry.