Avanti! Script

Avanti! poster thumbnail
Director:Billy Wilder
Written by:Billy Wilder (Screenplay), I. A. L. Diamond (Screenplay), Samuel A. Taylor (Theatre Play)

Script Synopsis:A successful businessman goes to Italy to arrange for the return of his tycoon-father's body only to discover dad died with his mistress of long standing.

The Eddy Duchin Story Script

The Eddy Duchin Story poster thumbnail
Director:George Sidney
Written by:Samuel A. Taylor (Screenplay), Leo Katcher (Story)

Script Synopsis:The life story of the famous pianist and band-leader of the 1930s and 1940s.

Three on a Couch Script

Three on a Couch poster thumbnail
Director:Jerry Lewis
Written by:Samuel A. Taylor (Screenplay), Bob Ross (Screenplay), Arne Sultan (Story), Marvin Worth (Story)

Script Synopsis:An artist has an opportunity to go to Paris and wants to bring his fiancee along. However, she's a psychiatrist who currently has three female patients who don't like men. So, he guises himself as three different men to gauge their trust and hopefully cure them so that his fiancee can go with him.


Sabrina poster thumbnail
Director:Billy Wilder
Written by:Samuel A. Taylor (Author), Billy Wilder (Screenplay), Ernest Lehman (Screenplay)

Script Synopsis:Linus and David Larrabee are the two sons of a very wealthy family. Linus is all work – busily running the family corporate empire, he has no time for a wife and family. David is all play – technically he is employed by the family business, but never shows up for work, spends all his time entertaining, and has been married and divorced three times. Meanwhile, Sabrina Fairchild is the young, shy, and awkward daughter of the household chauffeur, who goes away to Paris for two years, and returns to capture David's attention, while falling in love with Linus.


Vertigo poster thumbnail
Director:Alfred Hitchcock
Written by:Pierre Boileau (Author), Thomas Narcejac (Author), Alec Coppel (Screenplay), Samuel A. Taylor (Screenplay)

Script Synopsis:A retired San Francisco detective suffering from acrophobia investigates the strange activities of an old friend's wife, all the while becoming dangerously obsessed with her.