The Dancing Masters Script

The Dancing Masters poster thumbnail
Director:Malcolm St. Clair
Written by:Scott Darling (Screenplay), George Bricker (Story)

Script Synopsis:The Dancing Masters is a 1943 Laurel and Hardy feature film. The plot involves the team running a ballet school, and getting involved with an inventor. A young Robert Mitchum has an uncredited cameo role as a fraudulent insurance salesman.

Sherlock Holmes and the Secret Weapon Script

Sherlock Holmes and the Secret Weapon poster thumbnail
Director:Roy William Neill
Written by:Edward T. Lowe Jr. (Screenplay), Scott Darling (Screenplay)

Script Synopsis:In the midst of World War II, Sherlock Holmes rescues the Swiss inventor of a new bomb-sight from the Gestapo and brings him to England, where he shortly falls into the clutches of Professor Moriarty.

Ghost Of Frankenstein Script

Ghost Of Frankenstein poster thumbnail
Director:Erle C. Kenton
Written by:Scott Darling (Screenplay)

Script Synopsis:Ygor discovers Frankenstein's creation is still alive and brings him to the Doctor's son, Ludwig, for help. Obsessed with restoring the monster to his full potential, Ludwig is unaware that someone has more devious plans for the creature.

Golden eye

Golden eye poster thumbnail
Director:William Beaudine
Written by:Earl Derr Biggers (Characters), Scott Darling (Writer)

Script Synopsis:A gold mine in Arizona, that was formerly losing a lot of money, suddenly turns into a veritable money-making machine. However, the owner, instead of being happy about his now profitable business, insists to Charlie that something is fishy and that someone is out to murder him. Charlie and his "crew" travel to the mine, pretending to be tourists staying at a nearby dude ranch so as not to arouse suspicion, and discover that the owner may well be right--it looks like the mine is being used as a cover for criminal activities, and that someone is indeed out to murder him.