Jeanne Eagels Script

Jeanne Eagels poster thumbnail
Director:George Sidney
Written by:John Fante (Screenplay), Sonya Levien (Screenplay), Daniel Fuchs (Screenplay), Daniel Fuchs (Story)

Script Synopsis:Biographical film based loosely on the life of 1920's stage star Jeanne Eagels.

Drums Along the Mohawk Script

Drums Along the Mohawk poster thumbnail
Director:John Ford
Written by:Lamar Trotti (Screenplay), Sonya Levien (Screenplay), Walter D. Edmonds (Novel)

Script Synopsis:Set in America's Colonial period, John Ford's adventure tale follows Gilbert (Henry Fonda) and Lana Martin (Claudette Colbert) as they try to survive the rugged frontier. After their settlement is repeatedly attacked by Indians, the couple is taken in by a spinster (Edna May Oliver). Lana bears a son, while Gilbert heads off to fight the Indians and the British. He returns, wounded, to find his family once again under attack by the Indians.

Oklahoma! Script

Oklahoma! poster thumbnail
Director:Fred Zinnemann
Written by:Sonya Levien (Writer)

Script Synopsis:This joyous celebration of frontier life combines tender romance and violent passion in the Oklahoma Territory of the 1900s with a timeless score filled with unforgettable songs. Rodgers and Hammerstein's hit Broadway musical.

State Fair Script

State Fair poster thumbnail
Director:José Ferrer
Written by:Richard L. Breen (Screenplay), Oscar Hammerstein II (Adaptation), Paul Green (Adaptation), Sonya Levien (Adaptation), Philip Strong (Novel)

Script Synopsis:The third film version of 'State Fair' (and the second musical version).Margy Frake this time round is played by newcomer Pamela Tiffin, who has her voice dubbed as Jeanne Crain did 17 years earlier. Her squire at the fair this time round is called Jerry and works for that new-fangled media, the 'tube' or TV. He's played by Bobby Darin who looks far too old to be chasing Tiffin - perhaps that is why a couple of references were added in this version about her age.

Ziegfeld Girl

Ziegfeld Girl poster thumbnail
Director:Robert Z. Leonard, Busby Berkeley
Written by:Marguerite Roberts (Screenplay), Sonya Levien (Screenplay), William Anthony McGuire (Story)

Script Synopsis:Discovery by Flo Ziegfeld changes a girl's life but not necessarily for the better, as three beautiful women find out when they join the spectacle on Broadway: Susan, the singer who must leave behind her ageing vaudevillian father; vulnerable Sheila, the working girl pursued both by a millionaire and by her loyal boyfriend from Flatbush; and the mysterious European beauty Sandra, whose concert violinist husband cannot endure the thought of their escaping from poverty by promenading her glamor in skimpy costumes.