Oldboy Script

Oldboy poster thumbnail
Director:Spike Lee
Written by:Mark Protosevich (Screenplay), Marley Carib (Novel), Nobuaki Minegishi (Novel)

Script Synopsis:An everyday man has only three and a half days and limited resources to discover why he was imprisoned in a nondescript room for 20 years without any explanation.

BlacKkKlansman Script

BlacKkKlansman poster thumbnail
Director:Spike Lee
Written by:Spike Lee (Screenplay), David Rabinowitz (Screenplay), Charlie Wachtel (Screenplay), Kevin Willmott (Screenplay), Ron Stallworth (Book)

Script Synopsis:Colorado Springs, late 1970s. Ron Stallworth, an African American police officer, and Flip Zimmerman, his Jewish colleague, run an undercover operation to infiltrate the Ku Klux Klan.

School Daze Script

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Director:Spike Lee
Written by:Spike Lee (Writer)

Script Synopsis:Fraternity and sorority members clash with other students at a historically black college during homecoming weekend.

Crooklyn Script

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Director:Spike Lee
Written by:Cinqué Lee (Writer)

Script Synopsis:From Spike Lee comes this vibrant semi-autobiographical portrait of a school-teacher, her stubborn jazz-musician husband and their five kids living in '70s Brooklyn.

Get On The Bus Script

Get On The Bus poster thumbnail
Director:Spike Lee
Written by:Reggie Rock Bythewood (Writer)

Script Synopsis:Several Black men take a cross-country bus trip to attend the Million Man March in Washington, DC in 1995. On the bus are an eclectic set of characters including a laid-off aircraft worker, a man whose at-risk son is handcuffed to him, a black Republican, a former gangsta, a Hollywood actor, a cop who is of mixed racial background, and a white bus driver. All make the trek discussing issues surrounding the march, including manhood, religion, politics, and race.

Summer Of Sam Script

Summer Of Sam poster thumbnail
Director:Spike Lee
Written by:Michael Imperioli (Screenplay), Victor Colicchio (Screenplay), Spike Lee (Screenplay)

Script Synopsis:Spike Lee's take on the "Son of Sam" murders in New York City during the summer of 1977 centering on the residents of an Italian-American South Bronx neighborhood who live in fear and distrust of one another.

She’s Gotta Have It

She's Gotta Have It poster thumbnail
Director:Spike Lee
Written by:Spike Lee (Writer)

Script Synopsis:The story of Nola Darling's simultaneous sexual relationships with three different men is told by her and by her partners and other friends. All three men wanted her to commit solely to them; Nola resists being "owned" by a single partner.

Miracle at St. Anna

Miracle at St Anna poster thumbnail
Director:Spike Lee
Written by:James McBride (Writer), James McBride (Novel)

Script Synopsis:Miracle at St. Anna chronicles the story of four American soldiers who are members of the all-black 92nd "Buffalo Soldier" Division stationed in Tuscany, Italy during World War II.

Malcolm X

Malcolm X poster thumbnail
Director:Spike Lee
Written by:Alex Haley (Author), Malcolm X (Author), Arnold Perl (Screenplay), Spike Lee (Screenplay)

Script Synopsis:A tribute to the controversial black activist and leader of the struggle for black liberation. He hit bottom during his imprisonment in the '50s, he became a Black Muslim and then a leader in the Nation of Islam. His assassination in 1965 left a legacy of self-determination and racial pride.