Waterland Script

Waterland poster thumbnail
Director:Stephen Gyllenhaal
Written by:Peter Prince (Writer)

Script Synopsis:The story of a mentally anguished high school history teacher going through a complete reassessment of his life. His method for reassessing his life is to narrate it to his class and interweave in it three generations of his family's history.

A Dangerous Woman Script

A Dangerous Woman poster thumbnail
Director:Stephen Gyllenhaal
Written by:Naomi Foner Gyllenhaal (Writer), Mary McGarry Morris (Writer)

Script Synopsis:Martha Horgan is a withdrawn, mentally disabled woman who lives with her aunt, Frances. One of Martha's unusual traits is that she doesn't lie, a quality that leads to her getting fired from a dry-cleaning shop thanks to the actions of the shifty Getso. Conflict seems to follow Martha, since she also becomes romantically involved with local fix-it man, Mackey, who is sleeping with Frances as well.

Losing Isaiah Script

Losing Isaiah poster thumbnail
Director:Stephen Gyllenhaal
Written by:Naomi Foner Gyllenhaal (Screenplay), Seth Margolis (Novel)

Script Synopsis:Khaila Richards, a crack-addicted single mother, accidentally leaves her baby in a dumpster while high and returns the next day in a panic to find he is missing. In reality, the baby has been adopted by a warm-hearted social worker, Margaret Lewin, and her husband, Charles. Years later, Khaila has gone through rehab and holds a steady job. After learning that her child is still alive, she challenges Margaret for the custody.

Homegrown Script

Homegrown poster thumbnail
Director:Stephen Gyllenhaal

Script Synopsis:Three laborers on a Northern California marijuana plantation become increasingly paranoid when they learn that their boss has been murdered. They know enough to run, taking with them enough of the crop to pay them for services rendered. Hooking up with go-between Lucy in the next town, they plot their next move.