Lepke Script

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Director:Menahem Golan
Written by:Wesley Lau (Writer), Tamar Simon Hoffs (Writer)

Script Synopsis:Tony Curtis stars as the feared leader of "Murder Incorporated" in this underworld drama based on the life of Louis "Lepke" Buchalter. Lepke began his criminal career as a petty thief in his teens; a stretch in prison taught him the finer points of life on the wrong side of the law. After getting out of jail, Lepke and his pal Gurrah Shapiro (Warren Berlinger) join a gang who hire themselves out as strikebreakers, and the vicious but clever Lepke soon rises through the ranks.

The Allnighter Script

The Allnighter poster thumbnail
Director:Tamar Simon Hoffs
Written by:Tamar Simon Hoffs (Writer), M.L. Kessler (Writer)

Script Synopsis:Molly (Hoffs), Val (Pfeiffer) and Gina (Cusack) are graduating college, but on their final night, frustrations are aired. Molly is still looking for real love and Val is beginning to doubt if that is what she has found. Gina is too busy videotaping everything to really notice. When the final party at Pacifica College kicks off, things do not go exactly as planned.