Richard Donner Scripts

Richard Donner has been the magician behind some of the greatest action movies of this century, including The Goonies (1985) and the Lethal Weapon series. Below are some of the films that he has been a part of- most of them being highly successful films that have carried on as symbols of their definitive time period.
Donner’s career has been full of wonderful films of which he proudly wears. His career speaks volumes of his ability to create a fascinating piece of work that engages and interacts with audiences in a way that leaves them pleased.


  1. (2006) 16 Blocks Script 
  2. (2003) Timeline Script
  3. (1998) Lethal Weapon 4 [$]
  4. (1997) Conspiracy Theory Script 
  5. (1995) Assassins Script
  6. (1994) Maverick [Transcript]
  7. (1992) Lethal Weapon 3
  8. (1992) Radio Flyer
  9. (1989) Lethal Weapon 2
  10. (1988) Scrooged [Transcript]
  11. (1987) Lethal Weapon
  12. (1985) The Goonies Script
  13. (1985) Ladyhawke [Transcript]
  14. (1982) The Toy Script [$]
  15. (1980) Inside Moves
  16. (1980) Superman II Script
  17. (1978) Superman Script 
  18. (1976) The Omen Script

The Goonies

Director:Richard Donner
Written by:Chris Columbus (Screenplay)

Script Synopsis:A young teenager named Mikey Walsh finds an old treasure map in his father's attic. Hoping to save their homes from demolition, Mikey and his friends Data Wang, Chunk Cohen, and Mouth Devereaux run off on a big quest to find the secret stash of Pirate One-Eyed Willie.