Script-O-Rama Down?

Script O Rama

(UPDATE 11/29/20: the site is back up again !!)

The Script-O-Rama site has been down for the last few days. With over 2,000 links to the site in the database, we send many folks their way.

Clicking through give the following error:

This site does not exist within the LDAP database.

Script-O-Rama is one of the earliest transcript/script sites, they’ve been around since 1997. For some films they have the only available transcript that we know of, so hopefully they will be back up soon.

Vincenzo Natatali’s Archive

Vincenzo Natali Website

I just came across Vincenzo Natali’s new website launched late last year. It is a remarkable collection of production materials. Multiple drafts of scripts, storyboards, concept art, posters, production stills and more. He has shared materials from:

as well as TV work and shorts. The index has been updated to include this trove of materials.

What Happened to Springfield! Springfield! Transcript Site?

Springfield! Springfield! LogoAs many of you know movie script resources often appear and disappear. A few years ago MyPDFScripts ceased to exist as a very useful resource with hundreds of PDFs that were not available elsewhere. They shut down down due to copyright issues.

SpringField!  Springfield! is probably the largest resource of movie and TV closed captions out there. Not quite as useful as a formatted movie script, but a resource nonetheless when you don’t have the script and want to have a reference for the movie dialogue.

It’s been a few weeks that the site has been down. I am not sure of the reason nor if this is temporary or permanent. If permanent I need to decide what to do with the 4000+ movies indexed.